Property New Homes

Drive engagement and enquiries for your developments and/or properties as well as maximise your brand exposure on Trade Me Property with display advertising.

Key Requirements

We require five standard ad formats for your campaign to run across desktop and mobile:

  • Half Page ad
  • Skyscraper ad
  • In-search banner ad
  • Medium rectangle ad
  • Native ad

If your campaign includes the High Impact ad units, you will need to provide this size as well:

  • Desktop Homepage ad

In addition, we will need the landing page URL that you would like users to be taken to when they click on your ad (along with any optional UTM parameters, we recommend using the UTM Builder to create these for your campaign).

Please note you may have one click-through URL per creative execution. If the landing page is on the Trade Me website we are unable to apply any UTM parameters.

Standard ad format specifications

Desktop Banner ads - please provide:

1. Halfpage ad (300x600 pixels)

2. Skyscraper ad (160x600 pixels)

3. In-search banner ad (640x360 pixels)

4. Medium rectangle ad (300x250 pixels - this size can appear across both mobile and desktop)

Desktop view (Half Page ad 300x600 pixels)

Full specifications

  • Banner must be in the exact pixel dimensions of the stated ad size (e.g. 300x600 pixels)
  • Banner pixel dimensions are width x height
  • Format can be JPG, PNG or GIF
  • Maximum file size of 80 KB
  • Animation is accepted (for more info on HTML5 ads click here)

High Impact ad formats (Optional extra)

App Homepage Banner for mobile

Homepage Banner ad (Mobile app view)

Full specifications

  • Image dimensions: 300x250 pixels (width x height)
  • Format can be JPG, PNG or GIF
  • Maximum file size of 80 KB
  • Animation is accepted (for more info on HTML5 ads click here)

Note: avoid placing any important content on the edges or corners of the image. The placement has rounded corners to fit into the context of the Trade Me app.

Homepage Banner for Desktop

Homepage Billboard (Desktop view)

Full specifications

  • Image dimensions: 970x250 pixels (width x height)
  • Format can be JPG, PNG or GIF
  • Maximum file size/weight of 80 KB
  • Animation is accepted (for more info on HTML5 ads click here)

Top Tips for Designing Ads

Choosing how to design your display ads can be overwhelming. To give your campaign the best chance at success, we recommend keeping these simple principles in mind.

What information should you include on your ad to position you for success?

  • Present a clear, simplified key message

Capture the attention of your audience, convey your messages and bring your brand front of mind.

  • Include the right information

It’s important to include things like property type, location and price on your ads so the audience quickly understands you’re message - e.g. Off the plan townhouses priced from $800K.

  • Provide a strong call to action

Entice buyers to take action and click on your ad e.g. ‘Find out more’ or ‘Enquire now’.

  • Make the ad pop from the page
Design the ad with colour or imagery to catch the eye. Include a clear, considered logo.
  • Attention grabbing

Remember that people scan their eyes very quickly across website content so your ad needs to catch the eye and convey the message very quickly.

If you’re using HTML5 files or animated ads, ensure the change overs/loops are quick (2-3 seconds total) as we know people don’t linger on ads for more than a few seconds before engaging with them or scrolling past, so you want to ensure you convey your main message straight away.

Important Notes

  • You may supply up to a maximum of 3 creative executions per size to run on rotation per campaign.
  • Assets to be received five working days before the start of the campaign for testing and loading - failure to do so may result in your campaign not starting on time.

For any further questions, please contact your Account Manager.

Please refer to our full Advertising terms and conditions