About us

Annie Brown

Get to know Annie, our Chief People Officer.

I joined Trade Me back in June, 2017. I was excited by the potential of Trade Me and our people who were already delivering a great product. I have worked in many roles supporting executive teams and companies with leadership, culture, performance and development. I am particularly passionate about career progression and the power of team performance.

Before Trade Me, I was the Director of People & Comms at BNZ, NZ Post, and ran my own HR consultancy with focus on organisational culture change, design, and leadership development. I'm in my happy place when I'm guiding people with their personal development plans! I think this stems from my first career as an Occupational Therapist, which I went on to add a postgraduate qualification in strategic Human Resources.

I have the best role on the executive team, CPO. Our People and Workplace teams work so hard to ensure all our people have access to what they need to do their best work here at Trade Me. Our key focus is to support our company to have our engaged people with the capabilities we need to grow as a business. This includes recruiting, onboarding, leadership development, learning programmes, keeping us competitive with pay and benefits, having workspaces that create a great place to work, making sure we have the processes to support our teams and people to perform.

I'm excited to work for Trade Me because I love the reason why we're in business, to help connect Kiwi. We're so lucky to have an amazing culture and strong roots and I'm lucky to have the job of making that even better for our people.

When I'm not at work it's really important for me to escape and have time to relax. As a family, our go-to place is our little getaway in Methven, where we love to ski Mt Hutt and grow exceptional peonies in the spring! Being a raging extrovert, I need friends and family around me laughing and enjoying good times together.

One piece of advice I really hold onto is 'I always believe that people have good intent and come to work to do their best'. I go into all conversations with this belief. It means I'm open to hearing opinions and differing views. It's so important to know that we can have an impact and that we'll be listened to, and usually means the outcome is so much more powerful and richer from differing views on the team.