About us

Paolo Ragone

Get to know Paolo, our Chief Technology Officer

I'm Paolo and I look after the Technology team at Trade Me. We make sure we have the systems, infrastructure and processes to make sure we can move quickly to deliver for Kiwis and maintain the platforms that allow Kiwis (and us internally) to connect.

I joined Trade Me in 2020 after spending time as CTO at Air New Zealand. I was attracted to some of the exciting work happening already at Trade Me like our new-look site & Project Kapua just to name a couple.

In my spare time I love to build stuff, I'm all about the creative process. Whether it's configuring my RaspberryPi K8s cluster, one of my personal coding projects, a woodworking project, or working with my kids on one of their unexpected requests... as long as it's not obvious and requires ideation and experimentation, I'm in.

As the 'tech guy' the best tech tips I can share with you are:

  • When using Google Drive, to aid in keeping your files organised, you can use "Shift + z" to add a file to multiple folders (not copies of the file, it's the same file). Word of caution, when you delete the file it's removed from all folders. Follow these instructions if you want to remove them from only one folder
  • If you text "pew pew" from iPhone to iPhone, you'll see the lasers going off.