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We’re changing, with you.

We’re updating Trade Me to make things more helpful, smart, and simple.

25 May 2021

Meet the new-look Trade Me homepage.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve noticed our site has had a bit of an upgrade (and if you haven’t noticed the ‘new look’ Trade Me, never fear, it will be coming your way soon).

Naturally, with a change this big, we expect everyone’s first thought to go something along the lines of…

“Why is Trade Me different!? It wasn’t broken, why fix it!?”

To be fair, that’s a totally reasonable question – one which we’ll try and answer for you here.

Trade Me through the ages.

Thing is, while Trade Me wasn’t exactly ‘broken’ it doesn’t mean it didn’t need an update.

The ‘old’ site is, and always has been, safe and functional. However, it was built over 20 years ago in a way that’s becoming rapidly outdated behind-the-scenes, and this makes Trade Me slower and clunkier – both for you to use, and for us to keep improving on.

At a really high level, we’ve had to build Trade Me all over again so we can give all Kiwis a useful, fast, and modern web experience.

What does this look like in practice? We’ve considered a number of key things along the way to ensure Trade Me is even more:

  • Consistent: we’ll look, feel and (most importantly) work the same way on all devices.
  • Simple: new design means larger images, clearer text, and familiar navigation.
  • Fast: we’ll share new products and features quicker, speed up the sell process, and fix broken things pronto.
  • Visible: it’s easier to find what you’re looking for and your recommendations and search results are improved.
  • Clever: we’ll use data smarts to simplify the search and listing process, and keep on improving the site.
  • Helpful: stay up-to-date on the stuff that matters to you with notifications.
  • Accessible: built with all Kiwis in mind, we’re doing our best to make the site as useful as New Zealand is diverse.

We’ve been working away on this for a while!

As we’re sure you can imagine, this is not a small task. We’ve been working away on this for a while now, and it’s required a slow and gradual rollout. Some pages have been updated for some time, while others (like the homepage and listing details pages) are being updated now.

This is a work in progress, and we’ll be totally upfront that some functionalities aren’t available right now. Where this is the case, you’ll be automatically directed back to the ‘old’ Trade Me where things work as normal (and if you need a hand finding anything, check out our Help page). 

We’re always going to be adjusting and improving, and it won’t be long before we’re fully updated, but as we go we really want your feedback! We can’t respond to it all, but rest assured we are listening and are making changes where it’s needed. Please share any thoughts you have via our feedback boxes at the bottom of the home page.

We know change can be tricky and may take time to get used to, but we’re excited about giving you an awesome new Trade Me experience – and we can’t wait for you to try it!