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Includes direct debit forms, deposit slips, business rules, and terms and conditions.

Direct debit form

Part of our onboarding process is filling out a direct debit form. Once that has been completed, it gets sent to our finance team where they securely store your details and set up your direct debit. 

Never miss a payment due date by setting up a direct debit - one less thing to worry about!

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Deposit slip

Need a deposit slip for your method of payment? You can download it here.

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Vehicle trader Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions exist to ensure a fair playing field for all dealers, a safe trading environment for buyers and sellers, and a great customer experience on Trade Me Motors.

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DealerBase rules

There are a number of business rules that apply to listing on Trade Me Motors. 

These are in place to assist dealers with selling their vehicles by enabling browsers to effectively search and locate the vehicles they’re looking for, and create a level playing field. 

The rules: 

  • Listings must have a manufacturer selected. 
  • The vehicle manufacturer is not able to be changed after a listing has been created. 
  • Listings must have a model selected. 
  • Listings must have a valid year between 1886 and next year. 
  • Listings must have a body type / vehicle type. 
  • Listings must have a price. 
  • The odometer cannot be changed when a listing has bids on it. 
  • Listings can have the odometer edited down by up to 1,000 kms on listings more than seven but less than 90 days old. 
  • Listings must have a registration plate, chassis, or VIN for fuel economy and Background Check information to be displayed. 
  • Words in a listing title must be no longer than 20 characters. 
  • Subtitles must have at least one character. 
  • Subtitles can be up to 50 characters long. 
  • Words in a subtitle must not be longer than 20 characters. 
  • Subtitles can’t contain the symbols '@' and '<'. 
  • Listings descriptions can be up to 2,500 characters long. 
  • Contact information is not to be included in the description or Subtitle on a listing. 
  • Listings must have at least one image to be listed on Trade Me Motors.
  • If the number of images is reduced to zero the listing will be automatically withdrawn. 
  • Listings must have at least three images for a Super Feature to be applied.
  • Where a finance offer is included in a listing, the weekly repayment amount must comply with the CCCFA and associated regulations that impose additional certain requirements when advertising finance. This includes: displaying the highest and lowest possible interest rates that the borrower could receive, the total repayment amount, any fees that apply and whether the annual interest rate is fixed or variable. 
  • Finance offers are regulated under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act, the Commerce Act 1986, the Fair Trading Act 1986 and the Financial Advertising Code. For more information, please visit: Financial Advertising Code (New)