Start using Trade Me tools like Finance Calculator, Book a Test Drive and Super Features to sell your vehicles faster and improve margin!


Get access to the most current data to enhance your competitive edge. Stay on top of your performance and market trends with DealerBase Analytics.

Premium Analytics is available on Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.


    • Keep tabs on your listings, including active stock and closed listings.
    • See popular keyword searches
    • Use ‘Price Compare’ as a reference when buying or selling vehicles.
    • Better understand your buyers and watchlisters
    • Compare your performance vs. other dealers

    Background Check

    Background Check is designed to give buyers peace of mind when checking out your car, and it’s an easy way to show you’re a trustworthy seller.

    Available on all packages.


    • Stolen vehicle check – checks whether or not a car has been reported stolen to the NZ Police.
    • Damaged import check – checks if the car was flagged as a damaged import by NZTA.
    • Re-registered check – checks the NZTA motor car register to see if a car has been de-registered and then registered again.

        Book a Test Drive

        Let vehicle shoppers book a test drive at a time and place that suits them right from your listing.

        Available on Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.


        • Customers can request a time and date that suits them.
        • You can customise the message the buyer sees when completing the form to promote your dealership. 
        • You'll receive a follow-up email with all of the customer and booking request details. 
        • The booking won't be confirmed until you reply and accept.

          Branded Search Card

          Branded Search Card lets searchers know you're a professional, and helps build trust in your vehicles. 

          Set your vehicles apart from private sellers in search, and help customers recognise and remember your dealership.

          Available on Gold & Platinum packages.

          Larger Search Card

          Large, eye-catching photos make a listing stand out within a Trade Me Motors search result pages. Be more visible in search results with the largest listing card available. The Larger Search Card is exclusively available on the Platinum Package. Upgrade to Platinum Package to double-down on search prominence and let your photos speak for themselves. 

          Available on Gold & Platinum packages.

          DealerBase VMS

          Trade Me's Vehicle Management System for dealers - your way of uploading, managing and analysing all of your listings in one place. Log in to DealerBase.

          Available on all packages.


          • Upload and manage your listings and company details
          • Add photos, videos and descriptions
          • Track your success with analytics
          • Set up and manage products like Finance Calculator and Book a Test Drive
          • Track and action your leads

          Drivechat Integration

          Get live chat on your Trade Me Motors desktop listings by connecting your Drivechat account. This will help you collect more qualified leads – even while you sleep. 

          Drivechat offers you the flexibility to manage the chat yourself, or take advantage of their managed service. To set up a managed chat service with Drivechat, click here.

          Available on all packages.

          Managed Service Features:

          • Monitored live chat 24 hours a day. 
          •  Customer leads collected on your behalf. 
          • Customer script built that works for your business.

          Finance Calculator

          Advertise to buyers the weekly cost of a vehicle, making it much more digestible! Finance Calculator lets you show weekly instalments, the term, the required deposit and the interest rate on your listing.

          Buyers can also calculate their own personalised weekly payments on the spot, increasing your likelihood of getting enquiries.

          Available on Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.


          • Set your own finance details (interest rate etc.)
          • Displays weekly cost, term, deposit and interest rate on your listings
          • Collect leads with an extra 'Email Seller' button
          • Customise your 'why choose us' pitch

          Do more than just advertise rates, add a link to your listings that allows potential buyers to apply for finance on your website. Reduce the friction of getting finance deals over the line.

          Available on Gold & Platinum packages.

          Google Maps

          Integrate Google Maps on your listings to put a pin on your dealership and the vehicle. Most customers' first interaction with a dealership will be turning up at the yard, so a map integration will make it super easy for buyers to find you.

          Available on all packages.

          Listing Videos

          Showcase the best of your vehicle by adding a video to your listing. Just upload the video to YouTube, paste the URL into the vehicle's page in DealerBase, and it'll appear on your listing.

          Available on Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.


          Build your profile and your business with your own unique Micro-Site within Trade Me Motors. Display all of your stock in one place and set yourself apart from private sellers with your own branded browsing experience. 

          With Ad-Free Micro-site, any external ads that would normally appear are replaced with your branding. This is a great way to constantly market your vehicles to a digital audience – any time, any place. 

          Ad-free Micro-site is available on Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.

          Premium Listing Page

          Presentation matters, so it’s important to showcase your brand and vehicles in the best way possible. A Premium Listing Page gives you an additional branding bar and up to five sets of contact details on your listing – making it easy for buyers to get in touch. Be recognised as a professional seller with a sleek display and seamless digital customer experience.

          Available on Gold & Platinum packages.


          • Top-of-page branding bar
          • Up to five sets of contact details on your listings

          Price Drop Promo & Email

          A great way to shift stock by re-engaging watchlisters is through a Price Drop Promo & Email. When you discount your vehicle*, we'll help you promote the reduced price on your listing and in your watchlisters email inbox.

          Available on all packages.


          • Listing promo - 'Was/Now' price displayed on your listing and search card.
          • Email promo - We'll email your watchlisters letting them know you're dropped the price.

          * Minimum discount percentages and timeframes apply. Talk to Dealer Support for details.

          Search Order

          Prominence matters – our data shows that listing views correlate with higher search result placement, and the better your package, the higher your listings appear. Ready to stand out? Upgrade now.

          Package search order:

          • Super Featured Listing - Appears above all listings in search
          • Platinum - Appears above all other package listings in search
          • Gold - Appears above Silver and Bronze listings in search
          • Silver - Appears above Bronze listings in search
          • Bronze - Appears at the bottom of search


          Subtitles appear at the top of your listing page and on the search card in search results, driving maximum visibility of the key benefits of your vehicle. Think of this as your vehicle’s elevator sales pitch; short, punchy – sold!

          Available on Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.

          Super Feature

          First impressions matter! With Super Feature, you can be confident you’re positioning your vehicle listings front and center for NZ’s largest engaged vehicle buying audience.

          Super Features are purchased separately from your package.


          • Larger Search card: Bigger than, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum
          • Appear higher in search:  Above Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum
          • Highlighted Search card: Yellow border and background help it stand out.

          Drive qualified leads directly to your own website by leveraging Trade Me’s engaged audience. This allows potential buyers to check you out before they visit, and gives you an opportunity to further showcase why they should come and visit your yard. This can also help your website from a technical perspective, improving your search engine optimisation and boosting you up the Google search results.

          Available on all packages.