Franchise Dealer Products

Fit for purpose products for Franchise Dealers. Designed to optimise your listings and drive profit.

NEW Dealer 360°

Give buyers an interactive and immersive buying experience

Take interior and exterior 360° spins of your vehicles to put buyers in the driver's seat. Dealer 360° is a new app designed to help you stand out and build trust.

Key benefits:

  • Give an interactive 360° buying experience
  • Highlight key selling points with feature hotspots
  • Take 360° spins from your phone
  • Sync 360° spins directly with DealerBase
  • Get a 360° tag on your listings to stand out

Available as an add-on to your current package.

New Search Filters

Increased prominence in front of new vehicle buyers

Buyers can now search and filter by New, Ex demo, and Certified used vehicles. Under these new filters, only your vehicles will show up. This is exclusive to Franchise dealers, which means no private listings, or listings from independent dealers will show up.

This makes it easier for active buyers to find your vehicles and broadens the exposure your listings get. Simple.

How does it benefit you?

  • These new filters are exclusive to your vehicles only - no more distractions from private listings
  • It’s easier for active new car buyers to find your listings
  • Your listings will have increased exposure in front of active buyers
  • Buyers will have a better understanding of the vehicles you’re listing

Available on all Franchise packages.

*Based on your package level

Brand new in stock vehicles

A brand new tag for your brand new vehicle

We’ve made it easy for buyers to find brand new vehicles, and even easier for you to stand out from the crowd. Be relevant to buyers by making buying and selling a great experience.

What does the brand new tag do?

This new tag is the easiest way for you to spotlight all your brand new vehicles that are in stock. The tag will show up on your listing, making it easy for buyers to identify. When your stock shifts from “in transit” to “in stock”, you’ll get a prominence boost to help you clear stock faster and maintain higher margins.

What’re the benefits?

  • Clear stock faster
  • Show off your brand new vehicles to active buyers
  • Increased exposure to active buyers for your listings
  • Get a prominence boost when changing from “in transit” to “in stock”

Available on all Franchise packages.

Display In-transit vehicles

Advertise your in-transit vehicles in front of active buyers

We know getting on top of the stock you get sent from the factory is important to you. With our new In Transit tag, you now have the ability to list this stock before it even arrives, giving you time to plan ahead and clear stock faster.

How you can use it

  • Advertise stock that you’ve been allocated before it’s even arrived
  • Pre-sell stock before it even arrives, reducing your floor plan costs
  • Pre-plan trade deals with the guarantee that stock is on its way

What do you get out of it?

  • A new “In transit” tag will sit on your listing, letting buyers know the vehicle is on its way
  • Buyer confidence, they’ll know for sure that the stock is in transit
  • Reduced stress by knowing how much inventory you have on hand at any given time

Available on Platinum Franchise Dealer packages only.

Ex Demo tag

Clearly highlight demo stock to buyers looking for a near new vehicle

Give buyers the peace of mind knowing that they’re the first owners of an Ex Demo vehicle and move your stock faster.

What do you get out of it?

  • An “Ex Demo” tag will be added to your listing
  • This will make it easier for buyers to find what they want
  • Move Ex-Demo stock out of the showroom faster

Available on all Franchise packages.

Certified Pre-owned

Give buyers extra confidence when purchasing their next used vehicle

This is your chance to clearly communicate with active buyers when a vehicle is Certified pre-owned. We’ve also made it easier for buyers to find these vehicles with a new “Certified pre-owned” tag on your listing.


  • Show off factory-backed warranties to buyers to stand out from the crowd
  • Let buyers know that the vehicle is in “like new” condition
  • Increase profits by marketing these vehicles above other used vehicles
  • Potential buyers will understand the vehicle has an entire service history

Available on all Franchise packages.

Available to order

Give buyers the opportunity to get the car they want. Display vehicles as available to order.

Available to order gives you the ability to advertise and take orders for vehicles that are still with the manufacturer.

How could you use this?

Stop active buyers from shopping around, by giving them the option to order a brand new vehicle, you can build trust with the customer and supply them with a vehicle they may not be able to get anywhere else.

What do you get?

  • A new “Available to order” tag on your listing that will stand out to buyers
  • Added trust from buyers that you can secure their order
  • Customer retention, no they know you can order them vehicles - how good.

Available on Franchise Platinum and Gold packages only.

Dealer Services

Show your parts & accessories store, servicing & workshop, and other dealer differentiators on all listings and on your Micro-site.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to use tools to help you grow multiple revenue channels and profit margin
  • Advertise everything your business has to offer
  • Build better trust with buyers

Available on Franchise Platinum and Gold packages only.

Optimised for New Vehicles

A makeover for New Vehicle Listings to make them more fit for purpose

What have we done?

  • A redesign of key details such as cc rating, transmission, fuel type and more
  • Better integration with VMS providers such as Autoplay
  • Removed unnecessary used car information such as stolen vehicle check, damage report info and more

How does it help you?

  • Remove extra clutter from your listings, giving it a modern look and feel
  • Buyers will know the vehicle is new and will stand out from other listings
  • A tailor-made listing page made specifically for you

Available on all Franchise packages.

Premium Listing Page - Ad-Free

Showcase your brand where New Zealand's active buyers are looking for used and new vehicles

How does it work?

Build even stronger brand awareness with a full advertising takeover on your listings. There will be no distractions from external advertising and you can reinforce your own dealership’s messaging.

These ads appear alongside your listings taking over all ad units on the page. The display ads can be designed completely to your preference to match your brand specifications. The banner ads will appear in a couple of places on site as outlined below. Available on desktop and the Trade Me App.

How it helps you:

  • Promote your brand proposition throughout your listings and photo galleries
  • Ensure there are no competitor ads
  • Increase your online presence

For ad and image size specifications, please visit here.

Available on Franchise Platinum packages only.

Special Offer

Display Special offers to active buyers

A special offer always helps to seal the deal, whether it’s an additional towbar, or a 1/3,1/3,1/3 finance offer - showcase up to three different limited offers simultaneously across your range to make your listing stand out and improve your conversion rate.

Key benefits:

  • Differentiate your stock by highlighting limited offers
  • Improve conversion by showcasing your available offers
  • Run different offers across your range (3 max simultaneously)

Available on Franchise Platinum packages only.


Give active buyers shipping information up front

In order to have all the information to be able to make a decision, buyers need to know what it costs to have the item delivered. Our new Shipping option gives you the ability to display shipping prices so buyers can make fast and informed purchasing decisions.

Key benefits:

  • A centralised place where buyers know to look for shipping prices
  • You set up 5 different rates and/or destinations
  • Gives you the flexibility to either set and forget or customise every listing
  • Less question answering, more buyers choosing to purchase from you

Available on all Franchise packages.

More products and features

We’ve got a whole suite of products available for you:

  • Super Feature: With Super Feature, you can be confident you’re positioning your vehicle listings front and centre. Super Feature appears higher than Platinum listings.
  • Analytics: Enhance your competitive edge by staying on top of your performance and market trends with DealerBase Analytics.
  • Background Check: Designed to give buyers peace of mind when checking out your car, and it’s an easy way to show you’re a trustworthy seller.
  • Video, Subtitles, Website Link: Help customers find you, and provide them with all the information up front!
  • Micro-site: This is an extension of your website that sits on Trade Me. Build trust with buyers and bring them to your dealership.
  • Branded Search Card: Set your vehicles apart from private sellers in search, and help customers recognise and remember your dealership.
  • Dealerbase: A simple, online analytics tool to help you manage stock performance, gain buyer insights and keep an eye on your competitors.
  • Larger Search Card: The largest listing card available and is exclusively available on the Platinum and Gold Package.
  • Multi-interest rate finance: Ability for you to advertise a finance offer within your vehicle listing, via our Finance Tool.
  • Arrange a Viewing: Let vehicle shoppers arrange a viewing at a time and place that suits them right from your listing.
  • Price Drop Promo & Email: When you discount your vehicle, we'll help you promote the reduced price on your listing and in your watchlisters email inbox. Minimum discount percentages and timeframes apply.
  • Google Maps: Integrate Google maps into your listings and drop a pin where your dealership is located to make it super easy for buyers to find you.
  • Drivechat Integration: Get live chat on your Trade Me Motors desktop listings by connecting your Drive Chat account.

Got any questions? Contact Dealer Support here.

Product mockups are indicative only, and may be subject to change.

Policies for motor vehicle listings

Make sure your listing is up to scratch

To make sure buyers have a great experience when browsing and buying vehicles, we have some rules and guidelines when listing on Trade Me Motors.

These policies are in addition to our general Listing Policies and terms that apply across all of Trade Me.