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Special Offers 101

Setting up your Special Offers

Product mockups are indicative only, and may be subject to change.

What is Special Offer?

Special Offer is a product included in our Platinum package.

Key benefits:

  • Run different offers across your range (3 max simultaneously).
  • Differentiate your stock by highlighting limited offers.
  • Improve conversion by showcasing your available offers.

How do I set up my Special Offers?

Start by logging into DealerBase:

  • Head to the ‘Offers’ drop-down in the header bar.
  • Select ‘Edit’ Special Offers.
  • Complete the Special offer eg. offering an additional towbar, or a 1/3,1/3,1/3 finance offer. Make sure to fill out the Special Offer name, title, subtitle, description and URL.
  • ‘Save’ the Special Offer.

Once your Special Offers have been saved, you can assign them to your stock. Do so by selecting the Special Offer from the drop-down for each vehicle listing on the ‘Offers’ page.


Please see the below FAQs, these will likely explain why you may be experiencing difficulties uploading your special offers.

Q: Can I restate my finance offers?

A: Yes. Dealers on the Platinum package may display their own finance offers as well as various other special offers. Finance offers displayed must meet all requirements set forth by the CCCFA. However, our guidance is that you use the new and improved Multi-rate Finance tool for all finance offers, and use the Special Offer for other offers so that buyers can see the full breadth of offerings for each vehicle. This helps increase their likelihood of enquiring and purchasing from your dealership.

Q: Can I display anything in my special offers?

A: Special Offers must not include any contact details, dealership addresses, website addresses or other contact details. This information is displayed elsewhere in the listing so there’s no need to include these in your Special Offers. This text isn’t searchable after all, so you’re better off including this information where it belongs. See our policies for further information.

Q: Can I advertise multiple special offers on a single vehicle?

A: You may only have one Special Offer per listing. You can, however, have 3 different Special Offers listed in DealerBase that you can assign to your preferred vehicle listing. We encourage you to have multiple Special Offers across your dealership, and these can be changed at your discretion per vehicle.

Q: Why can’t I have my URL displayed in my special offer?

A: Although you are unable to include any URLs or website links in your Special Offer description, you can instead paste the link in the required field. This will allow customers to click through directly to your desired landing page.

Q: Why can’t I display contact details in my image?

A: To ensure our audience has the best experience, this information is displayed elsewhere in the Special Offer. This image text isn’t searchable after all, so you’re better off including this information where it belongs.

If you need any help or have any further questions about Special Offers, reach out to your dedicated Account Manager.