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DealerBase: Vehicle Finance 101

Did you know? Listings with finance get 17% more leads compared to listings without finance*

What is Vehicle Finance?

  • Ability for you to advertise a finance offer within your vehicle listing, via our Finance Tool. 
  • You can choose your interest rate, applicable fees, and deposit required for up to three different finance offers. Tailor these offers to suit the range of your fleet and/or create an offer for select vehicles on promotion. 
  • Leads are able to be captured with a direct link to your website, or buyers can find out more by filling out an enquiry form. 
  • Your offer can be displayed in confidence with all items of the finance tool and your listing being compliant with the CCCFA legislation.

How do I use it?

It’s easy as! You can add/edit and assign different interest rates to each vehicle. All you need to do is simply log into DealerBase, and follow the quick steps in this video.

Please note: The Finance Application Link mentioned in the video does not apply to every package. Find out more here.

Our top tips for using Vehicle Finance:

  • Put your best foot forward. Many buyers will enter the market already knowing that they need finance to complete their purchase. Improve the speed they get in contact with you by putting your sharpest offer on your listings. 
  • If you have a differing finance facility or specialist expertise in the area, let’s add this to the “additional info” space. This is free text where you can explain to a buyer how you can aid them in their next purchase.

*Trade Me site data, Nov 2021.

Check if Vehicle Finance applies to your package.