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A guide to Dealer 360°

Dealer 360° is designed for you to create an immersive buying experience. Learn about it and view FAQs

Product mockups are indicative only, and may be subject to change.

How does it work?

As soon as Dealer 360° is active on your package, you’ll be able to download the app and log in.

From there, it’s as simple as walking around your vehicle. Once you’ve completed a full 360° walk-around, your 360° will automatically sync to DealerBase, and then to your listing on Trade Me.

There are plenty of features available to you, so we’ve created a full user guide so that you can make the most of what’s on offer:

Check out how it looks for buyers:

Spin Player 0.7


  • Stand out with an immersive and exclusive online display
  • Give an interactive 360° buying experience
  • Highlight key selling points with feature hotspots
  • Sync 360° spins to DealerBase

How to use Dealer 360˚

Download the app

Frequently asked questions

Before you start

Does that app work on all devices?

The Dealer 360° app works on most mobile devices: Apple iPhone 6s and later with minimum software version iOS 14, or Android phones (except Huawei devices) with minimum software version Android 11.0, are supported.

Do I require special equipment to take 360° Spins and videos?

No special equipment is required to take videos and exterior 360° Spins. You may choose to use a turntable for exterior 360° Spins, but this is not a requirement. For interior 360° Spins, a supported Ricoh interior 360° camera and flexible tripod is required - please refer to the Hardware Guide section of the User Guide for more information.

Is Dealer 360° turntable compatible?

Yes, any turntable can be used for exterior 360° Spins, but is not required.

Content Storage

How is my content stored?

We’ve partnered with Instavid to help us provide the Dealer 360° product for you. Your content and data will be stored in Instavid’s database, so that it remains available for you to use until your listing expires.


How might I integrate Dealer 360° into my existing processes?

Dealer 360° fits into your normal photography process - 360° Spins and videos can be taken when you have the vehicle out for photos. This content is then automatically synced to your vehicle inventory in DealerBase, and you can also choose to send these to customers when they enquire about vehicles.

Where do I find more information about the product offering and the benefits?

Please check out our product page here or speak to your account manager for more detailed information on Dealer 360°.

What is the background blur add-on?

Background blur is an optional add-on. It is a feature of the Dealer 360° that automatically applies a blur to the background of all your exterior 360° Spins, perfect for removing distractions when showcasing your vehicles if you have limited space.

How do I download the app?

To install the app, visit the Apple App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices, search for the Dealer 360° app and click on the download link, or you can scan the below QR codes. For more information on activating your account and using the app, please refer to the User Guide.

What happens to my 360° Spins and videos if I downgrade from Dealer 360°?

You will no longer be able to take new 360° Spins and videos. 360° Spins and videos taken prior to downgrading will continue to show on their vehicle listings until the end of your billing cycle for Dealer 360°.

Is there a limit to how many 360° Spins and videos I can make with the app?

No, you can take as many 360° Spins and videos as you’d like for your vehicles. However, there can only be 1 exterior 360° Spin, 1 interior 360° Spin and 1 video per vehicle on your listings. When sending custom content to customers, you may choose to take additional Spins and videos for them (in addition to the ones on the vehicle listing).

Taking Content with the App

How much data does the app use?

Processing and syncing of each Spin and video uses data, approximately 10-50MB depending on the type of content.

Can I change what internet connection is used for the app?

Yes, you may choose to upload content for processing via wifi only, or allow the app to do so on any network. Where possible, allowing uploads on any network will ensure smoother processing.

How much physical space do I need to take an exterior 360° Spin?

Maintaining a 2-3 metre distance is recommended for best results. Should space be limited, a wide-angle lens can be used to reduce the space required.

Can I take an interior 360° Spin without an interior 360° camera?

No, interior 360° Spins require specific models of Ricoh cameras - refer to the Hardware Guide section of the User Guide for supported devices. However, an alternative to interior 360° Spins is to take a video of the interior of a vehicle and add this as a hotspot to your exterior 360° Spin.

How long does it take to capture 360° Spins?

It takes approximately 45 seconds to 1 minute to capture each spin (interior or exterior).

How long do 360° Spins take to process?

It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to process 360° Spins, including syncing them to DealerBase. This time does however depend on whether you have a stable internet connection.

How do I capture 360° Spins with the app?

Please refer to the User Guide for detailed instructions and tips on capturing 360° Spins.

How do I capture videos with the app?

You may choose to upload videos, or take them in-app. There are no restrictions on the length of videos and Dealer 360° app can process videos with file sizes up to 1GB.

Can I take photos with the app?

No, the app does not capture photos, but will sync and display the photos from DealerBase to help you identify vehicles in your inventory. In other words, your existing process around managing photos does not change with the app - it is an additional tool to help you capture and manage 360° Spins and videos of your vehicles.

Displaying and Sharing Content

Where will the 360° Spins and videos show?

360° Spins and videos of your vehicles will automatically sync to DealerBase and Trade Me listings. Both the 360° Spin player and video for each vehicle will be in the carousel on Trade Me listings if content is present.

Do the 360° Spins and videos count towards the 20 photo limit?

No, they do not.

Where do I manage the 360° Spins and videos for my vehicles?

The recommended approach to managing 360° Spins and videos is to do so via the app, where you may view, edit and delete content. There is a variety of editing options on the app, such as editing hotspots on 360° Spin and adding music or voice-over to videos. You will soon also be able to partially manage 360° Spins and videos via DealerBase Web - you may view and delete content, but not edit. Details on managing content in DealerBase Web will be added to the User Guide when ready.

Will I be able to see 360° Spins and videos on my VMS?

At the moment, VMSes do not display 360° Spins and videos. In order for your VMS to allow you to view and manage 360° Spins and videos, they will need to do some integration work - the information has been provided to all VMSes for them to do so. If you would like to see 360° Spins and videos on your VMS in the future, please do let them know so it would help them prioritise this work if there is demand from their customers.

Can I share 360° Spins and videos to social media?

You may share links of 360° Spins and videos in the Messaging section of the app via any channel, including social media platforms, but these will show as links on any posts or messages. There is a dedicated Social Media feature on the app that enables you to create Facebook posts with a 360° Spin player - please find the instructions to set this up in the User Guide.

Can I create and share custom content to customers directly?

You may share links of 360° Spins and videos in the Messaging section of the app via any channel, to your customers. When sending custom content like 360° Spins and videos, you may also include a personalised message - please find the instructions to set this up in the User Guide. Messages are stored in the app for reuse or editing. Please note that the app supports one-way outbound messages only.