Advertisers advice

Dealership branding

Helpful guides on how to make sure your brand is presented well on Trade Me Motors.


Setting up your Micro-Site is free and only requires two logos: 

  • Large logo/banner: 960 pixels wide x 145 pixels high 
  • Small logo/banner: 180 pixels wide x 60 pixels high 

The image files need to be static PNG or JPEG/JPG format or GIFs.

Premium Listing Page - Ad Free

If branding is important to you and your dealership, you can choose to keep your Premium Listing Page advertising free by choosing a package with the 'Branding' module

Please supply your own banner and skyscraper images in the sizes below to maximise your brand presence.

Note: Creative assets for these display ads can only be changed out once every 3 months

Image sizes and requirements 

All ad requirements can can be found below:

Linking your website to your Trade Me listings is easy with Sitelink. You add it in DealerBase under 'edit company details' and it will populate under your dealership's logo within the listing; making it easy for your customers to reach your website from Trade Me. 

Please make sure that the address has ‘https://’ before the ‘www’ to make the website work correctly. 

Also, please make sure to double-check that the address is correct in the file and in the right column.