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Making Consumer Information Notices (CIN) simple

What you need to know about displaying a Consumer Information Notice (CIN) on your vehicles.

All registered motor vehicle traders are required to display a Consumer Information Notice (CIN) on every vehicle for sale. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • The CIN must be formatted as per the guidelines in the Motors Sales Act 2003
  • It must include the fuel economy label which can’t be altered in any way. 
  • The first two pages of the CIN (the ‘sale information’ and ‘important information’ section) should be displayed together at all times (preferably printed on both sides of one sheet of paper). 
  • Both the seller and the buyer must sign the CIN which forms part of the sale agreement.

How MotorWeb can help you

  • MotorWeb is able to generate CINs for you when you purchase a vehicle information report (VIR). MotorWeb automatically populates the CIN with relevant information drawn directly from the Motor Vehicle Register (MVR), which ensures the accuracy of the information and saves you time. 
  • Add key features for each vehicle and display these together with the automatically generated fuel economy label. Most major providers' logos are available on MotorWeb to help you promote finance, insurance and warranty offers. 
  • We provide pre-printed stationery (the statutory ‘important information’ section) which means all you need to do is print the sale details. 
  • MotorWeb also supplies window card holders – helping you display your vehicles in the best possible way. 

For more on MotorWeb and how to use it best contact your Account Manager or reach out to the support team on 0800 668 679 or