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Shipping: A how-to guide

Your quick how-to guide on how to add Shipping options to your listing.

Why use Shipping Options?

Expand your customer base nationwide from Kaitaia to Bluff, with Shipping options. We’ve added the Shipping options feature to help provide you with extra value and to give buyers the full picture when making a purchase.

The changing landscape

The way Kiwi's shop online is changing and adapting to an ever-changing online environment. Did you know that:

  • 65% of Kiwi’s are happy to buy from outside their local area*
  • 49% of Kiwi’s are happy to buy entirely online*

How it works

Simply start by logging into your DealerBase account!

Please note: Shipping Options mentioned in the video are only applicable for Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze packages. Currently available for all Recreational and Commercial listings. Available for all Car listings on 1 November, 2022.

You’ve got three ways to display your Shipping Options on your listing:

  • Your first option is the default shipping option. Simply enter in your shipping options by region and price - you can display up to five different options at one time. These options will display across all your listings.
  • You can also choose the custom shipping option. With this option, you can select and set specific shipping options for specific listings. Again, you can display five shipping options per listing.
  • Lastly, you can pick a hybrid shipping option with both the default and custom shipping options. Simply set the default options, and then edit specific listings to have custom options. Easy.

If you’ve got any questions about shipping or our packages, don’t hesitate to contact us, or your dedicated Account Manager directly.

*Perceptive Research data, 2022.

Available on Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze packages.