Trade Me tools

Vehicle presentation

Helpful guides on how to make sure your listings are presented well on Trade Me Motors.

Dealer 360°

Designed to give buyers an interactive and immersive experience, Dealer 360° gives you the ability to take interior and exterior 360° spins of your vehicles.

Dealer 360° is an available add-on to your dealer package.


  • Stand out with an immersive and exclusive online display
  • Give an interactive 360° buying experience
  • Highlight key selling points with feature hotspots
  • Sync 360° spins to DealerBase

Background check

There are two background checks that can be added. 

One is the 3 point background check which is automatically added to each listing if the VIN/ Rego is correct. The second is full the 4 point background check (this includes money owing) and will be automatically added to the listing if the following criteria is met: 

1. The customer has a Motorweb account. 
2. The Motorweb and Dealerbase accounts are linked in Dealerbase.
3. A VIR has been done on the vehicle.


    Videos can be added to your listings in two different ways:

    1. Dealerbase

    • Go to dealerbase.
    • Click on ‘My Company’.
    • Go to the ‘Company Details’ and click on the ‘Edit Listing Videos’.
    • Enter the Youtube link and save.

    2. Within the listing

    • Click on to a listing.
    • Click on the “Edit” button.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the Youtube link in the video link.
    • Click Save.

    Please note: It takes about ten minutes to update.


      Subtitles are a great way for you to capture a customer's attention by customising and adding additional information to the top of a listing. The information appears in the search card and can serve as a point of difference for your dealership against all the other listings of similar vehicles.

      To set up the default subtitles follow the below instructions;

      1. Log into Dealerbase and go to ‘My Company’ and click on the ‘Edit Vehicle Subtitle’ page.

        2. Customise the subtitles as required.

        Some common reasons that subtitles have issues are that dealers have made one of the below common errors:

        • Subtitles must be between 1 and 50 characters long and can not have more than 20 characters in a row.
        • They can not have the ‘<’ or ‘>’ or ‘@’ symbols in them at all.
        • Subtitles are changed in individual vehicle settings in Dealerbase and will override any subtitles set in the “Edit Vehicle Subtitles’ section in Dealerbase.

        How to edit vehicle sub title in Dealerbase