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What are car shoppers buying?

Take the guesswork out of buying stock

The best dealers regularly monitor and analyse their performance, but it can be hard to identify actionable trends when you’re looking at your own performance in isolation. By tracking buyer and competitor insights too, you can really gain a competitive advantage. 

Dealerbase is a simple, online analytics tool to help you manage stock performance, gain buyer insights and keep an eye on your competitors. Here’s how the best dealers use Dealerbase to take the guesswork out of their sourcing and pricing decisions. 

1. Track stock performance 

Keep an eye on how your stock is performing in real time by using the ‘My Dealership’ tools within dealer analytics. 

You can also track the most and least popular vehicles in order (measured by the number of views to get a watchlist) and adjust your buying accordingly as you spot trends.* 

2. Price to the market 

Drive buyers to you by offering competitive pricing. Track how your vehicles are priced compared to your competitors and find out which other vehicles are being watchlisted by shoppers who also watchlisted your vehicles by using the ‘Market Comparison’ tools within dealer analytics. It’s a great way to benchmark yourself against your competitors.* 

3. Regularly review sourcing decisions 

The best dealers remain current by keeping tabs on who their shoppers are and what they’re searching for - keeping a close eye on the most popular searches and catering their yard to their customers' needs. 

Track specific demographics about the buyers interested in your vehicles, as well as overall buying behaviour trends by using the ‘Potential Customers’ tools to discover top keywords searched, popular pricing bands and most loved makes and models.* 

*Exclusive to Silver, Gold and Platinum packages only