Recreational and Commercial Products

Make the most of your improved listings with Trade Me Motors, catering to your Recreational and Commercial needs.

NEW Dealer 360°

Give buyers an interactive and immersive buying experience

Take interior and exterior 360° spins to give buyers the full picture. Dealer 360° is a new app designed to help you stand out and build trust.

Key benefits:

  • Give an interactive 360° buying experience
  • Highlight key selling points with feature hotspots
  • Take 360° spins from your phone
  • Sync 360° spins directly with DealerBase
  • Get a 360° tag on your listings to stand out

Available as an add-on to your current package excluding Farming and Machinery.

Dealer Services

Show your parts & accessories store, servicing & workshop, and other dealer differentiators on all listings and on your Micro-site.

Key benefits:

  • Get more leads with a single, connected experience for your potential buyer.
  • Easy to use tools to help you grow multiple revenue channels and profit margin.
  • Advertise everything your business has to offer.
  • Build better trust with buyers.

Available: Gold and Platinum packages


More and more buyers are making purchases online.

In order to have all the information to be able to make a decision, buyers need to know what it costs to have the item delivered. Our new Shipping option gives you the ability to display shipping prices so buyers can make fast and informed purchasing decisions.

Key benefits:

  • A centralised place where buyers know to look for shipping prices.
  • You set up to 5 different rates and/or destinations.
  • Gives you the flexibility to either set and forget or customise every listing.
  • Less question answering, more buyers choosing to purchase from you.

Available: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages

Special Offer

Stand out from the crowd with Special Offers.

A special offer always helps to seal the deal, whether it’s no deposit finance, or your own bespoke deal - showcase up to three different limited offers simultaneously across your range to make your listing stand out and improve your conversion rate.

Available: On Platinum packages only.

Key benefits:

  • Differentiate your stock by highlighting limited offers.
  • Improve conversion by showcasing your available offers.
  • Run different offers across your range (3 max simultaneously).

Premium Listing Page - Ad-Free

Showcase your brand where New Zealand's active buyers are looking for used and new vehicles.

What is it?

Build even stronger brand awareness with a full advertising takeover on your listings. There will be no distractions from external advertising and you can reinforce your own dealership’s messaging.

These ads appear alongside your listings taking over all ad units on the page. The display ads can be designed completely to your preference to match your brand specifications. The banner ads will appear in a couple of places on site as outlined below. Available on desktop and the Trade Me App.

Available: On Platinum packages only. Not available for Farming & Machinery.

Key benefits

  • Promote your brand proposition throughout your listings and photo galleries.
  • Ensure there are no competitor ads.
  • Increase your online presence.

Total Boost

Showcase your brand at the top of all listings.

We know that first impressions matter to buyers, with Total Boost, all your listings will be shown above Platinum listings so you can enjoy the always on, premium search prominence. Simply set it and forget it so you can spend more time closing leads!

Why use it?

  • All listings above Platinum.
  • Reduce your time to sell by 64%.*
  • Average days on site with Total Boost: 19. Average days on site without Total Boost: 54.*

Available: Total Boost is purchased separately from your Platinum package.

*Trade Me site data, Jan - Jul 2022

Promo Boost

Maximise leads and showcase your brand with Promo Boost!

Push your brand to the top of the search results, with all Promo Boost listings sitting above Platinum for a seven day period. This gives you the opportunity to boost the leads your campaign generates, while reducing untrackable print and radio spend.

Why use it?

  • All listings above Platinum for a 7 day period.
  • Amplify any campaign in front of an active buying audience.
  • Attribute your advertising spend directly with greater ROI.

Available: Promo Boost is purchased separately from your Platinum package.


Buyers care most about trust and stock. Micro-Site gives you the power to present your points of difference and reasons buyers should deal with you, where buyers look. 

Key benefits:

  • Display more than just your stock. From videos about you to parts and accessories, finance, and branding, this is your place to shine above the rest and show buyers why they need to contact you first.
  • Get buyers away from the competition and into your Microsite showing only what you offer.
  • You’ll be displayed in our dealer directory and a link from every one of your listings will send buyers to your Microsite.
  • Appear higher in Google results to reach more buyers.
  • Get more traffic to your website with a branded contact details box.
  • Dealership branding section with customisable header, photo banner, video, and description.

Here's a guide on how to write a good description to perform well in Google.

Available: On all packages, Gold and Platinum dealers also own all ad spaces.

Search Order

Prominence matters – our data shows that listing views correlate with higher search result placement, and the better your package, the higher your listings appear. Ready to stand out? Upgrade now.

Package Search Order:

  • Super Featured Listing - Appears above all listings in search.
  • Platinum - Appears above all other package listings in search.
  • Gold - Appears above Silver and Bronze listings in search.
  • Silver - Appears above Bronze listings in search.
  • Bronze - Appears at the bottom of search.

Search attributes

Search attributes are the filters on Trade Me that help buyers to narrow down their search results. We've always had filters like price and keyword, but the category-specific filters have been a bit patchy. We've done a lot of work recently to improve these, to help buyers to find the exact thing they're looking for, across any category, faster.

There are plenty of improved search attributes like:

  • GST exclusive pricing for Farming & Industry and Truck dealers
  • LAMs, Electric powertrain, and Hours for Motorcycle sellers
  • Berths, Layout, and Self Contained for Caravan and Motorhome sellers
  • Price on Application (POA) for New Boat, Farming & Industry, and Truck dealers
  • Plus more!

To optimise the new searchability functions, you need to add extra detail in DealerBase to give yourself the best possible chance of being one of the seller's buyers contact.

Available: On all packages.

Price Drop Promo & Email

A great way to shift stock by re-engaging watchlisters is through a Price Drop Promo & Email. When you discount your vehicle*, we'll help you promote the reduced price on your listing and in your watchlister's email inbox. 

Available: On all packages.


  • Listing promo - 'Was/Now' price displayed on your listing and search card.
  • Email promo - We'll email your watchlisters letting them know you've dropped the price.

*Minimum discount percentages and timeframes apply. Talk to Dealer Support for details.

Made for the way you want to drive your dealership.

More products and features:

  • Video, subtitles, website link. Help customers find you, and provide them with all the information up front!
  • New listing capabilities with your improved search filters.
  • Data and insights: Get access to tailored analytics. Enhance your competitive edge by staying on top of your performance and market trends with DealerBase Analytics.
  • Finance Calculator and Application link and the ability to display multiple interest rates.
  • Dedicated Account Managers: Get access to a personal Account Manager and Motors Support team that will help you grow your business. From understanding your unique business needs to support with listings – we’ve got you covered.
  • Build your business: Discover heaps of extra add-ons available to our packaged dealers – this includes branding, linking to your website, contact information, location maps, listing promotions, and more.
  • Micro-Site is an extension of your website - your home on Trade Me. It's a place to tell your brand story, build trust with buyers and bring them to your dealership.
  • Subscription listing pricing: Dealer packages suited to you and your business, you can pick from Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Need a hand deciding what’s best for you? Check out our packages!

Got any questions? Get Dealer Support here.

Product mockups are indicative only, may be subject to change.

Policies for motor vehicle listings

Make sure your listing is up to scratch.

To make sure buyers have a great experience when browsing and buying vehicles, we have some rules and guidelines when listing on Trade Me Motors.

These policies are in addition to our general Listing Policies and terms that apply across all of Trade Me.