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How to take advantage of a hot job market

The chances of an opportunity coming your way have never been higher.

Even if you’re not actively seeking a role, you can set yourself up to make the most of the hot job market. 

The market is still very much in favour of the job-hunter, with job listings out-weighing demand, but we are seeing this shift. The number of applications per listing has begun to pick up. 

Stay ahead of the game by following these simple steps.

  • Know your ‘must-haves’ 
  • Keep track of your goals 
  • Set up job alerts 
  • Maintain your online job profiles and CV 
  • Know the average salary for your role

Five easy steps to get prepared for job opportunities.

1. List your ‘must-haves’

Be clear on what you hope to find in a role, then, when presented with an opportunity you can quickly check if it’s a good fit. Create a list of factors, place them in order of importance and include your requirements. 

Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Career progression: People leadership opportunities 
  • Develop new skills: Involvement in annual planning 
  • Healthy team culture: High level of trust among team 
  • Salary: $120k and company car 
  • Stability: Company has a strong financial outlook

2. Keep track of your goals

Write down your short-, mid-, and long-term goals. These may be personal or professional goals. When an opportunity arises, cross-check it with these goals. Does the opportunity align? Will it help you achieve your goals?

3. Set up job alerts

Set up automated email alerts from online job platforms. Receiving these alerts will land relevant jobs in your inbox each week, you don’t even need to go looking. 

To set up alerts, simply click “Save this Category” when you run a search on Trade Me Jobs.

4. Maintain your online job profiles and CV

It’s increasingly important to have online job profiles. Recruiters are turning to these platforms to search for candidates as they can quickly scan your skills and experience. Once you’ve set up your job profile, ensure you keep it current with relevant skills.

5. Know the average salary for your role

Do your research and use a salary guide to determine what similar roles are paying. 

Some companies are offering up to 40% salary increases to capture new talent. If you’re familiar with the salary range for your role, you’ll be set for negotiations when an opportunity arrives.

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