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Why use a recruitment agency to find a job?

There’s a lot to gain from working with a recruitment agency.

While, hopefully, rewarding in the end, there’s no doubt that searching for a job can be a daunting and sometimes lonely task. This is especially true if you didn’t leave your previous employer on your terms, or if you’re searching for your first job, and don’t know where to start.

In these instances, and in many others, working with a recruitment agency to find a job could be the solution you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of working recruitment agencies, so you can decide if this is the right route for you to take.

Why do candidates use recruitment agencies?

1. Getting your applications fighting fit

In some ways, you can think of a recruitment agent as a personal trainer for your job applications.

These professionals have years of experience in helping to get folks like us jobs, and have seen tens of thousands of applications – the good, the bad and the ugly. As a result, they’ll be able to help you through the process, answering any questions you may have, and will almost certainly have suggestions on how to improve elements of your application, like your CV and cover letter. Some might even help prepare you for an interview, especially if they have long standing links with the employer, and know what they want to see in candidates.

Recruiters can help get your job application firing on all cylinders.

2. Greater reach

If you’re doing it right, no two job applications should be identical. What we mean by this is that, even if you can use the same CV for two different applications, you should always be tailoring your cover letter to each individual employer.

This is vital, but time consuming, especially if you’ve found loads of roles you love on Trade Me Jobs. One of the reasons why using a recruitment agency can be a great help, is that it’s like having two people applying for jobs, rather than just one.

What’s more, we can guarantee that recruitment agencies will know of additional opportunities that you haven’t come across, due to their extensive networks of professional contacts. So, as well as splitting the load in terms of applying for roles, you’ll also be able to tap into their knowledge of current, or upcoming, job vacancies.

One extra note on this. Recruitment agents are fantastic at getting candidates jobs, but they’re not super human. In other words, they work with you, not for you. Make sure you hold up your end of the bargain by supplying high quality and accurate information (e.g. CVs and cover letters) as well as being easy to contact!

3. High quality matches

Another benefit of using recruitment agencies when searching for a job is that you’ll get some 1:1 time with a recruiter to discuss what you really want from your next career move.

As well as the basics – salary, location, contract type – recruiters can go further than this and try to help you find a great employment match in terms of factors like cultural fit and career advancement opportunities. This is because recruitment professionals have a unique and in-depth knowledge of their local job market, with many specialising in certain fields, such as IT, accounting or marketing. From their relationships with employers, and candidates they’ve helped to place in the past, this allows them to build up a picture of precisely what you can expect from different employers.

Recruiters will listen to what you want from your next career move, and help you get there.

4. Career advice

Some recruitment agencies offer careers advice as part of their service. This can sometimes be separate from the recruitment process, or you might simply find that a conversation with a recruiter helps shape your thinking about where you want your career to go.

Even if you don’t go to see a recruiter specifically to get career advice, we highly recommend paying attention to what they have to say, and asking good questions. These professionals spend their entire working days thinking about peoples’ careers, opportunities and advancement, so they may suggest a route or pathway that had not previously occurred to you. You never know what you might learn.

5. Future opportunities

It’s very much in your interests to remain in regular contact with good recruiters you’ve worked with, even if you haven’t got any plans to change roles again anytime soon.

Why? Because, as we’ve already mentioned, recruiters are often the first to know about new or upcoming opportunities and, even if you don’t plan on jumping ship, is there any harm in knowing about other opportunities out there? You never know, the dream job could be coming up right now and your recruiter could be the one to let you know.