10 summer backyard activities

The best gifts are shared – so check out these family favourites and put a smile on everyones’ dial this Christmas.

Whether you don’t have time to shop for individual presents this year or have kids that are like chalk and cheese – have no fear! Check out these exciting gift ideas to delight every member of the household this silly season.

1. Present a projector

Get the fam a projector this year – it’ll be used for so much more than movie marathons! Whether it’s an all-ages yoga class streamed to the big screen or virtual enrichment activities for the kids – a projector will shine a light on everyones’ interests all year round. 

Epson is a solid choice if you’re looking for a permanent or wall-mounted solution, but a portable projector and outdoor screen will take things up a notch when you want to host the next live sports match. 

If you’re low on space, a virtual reality headset will make the fam flip! Sure, they’ll need to share it around, but with endless games and experiences available online, this gadget has all-round appeal.

2. Glam up your games

Celebrate what makes your household happy and keep the screen-time in check by splurging out on an extravagant version of your family’s favourite board game. 

There are chess sets, Backgammon, deluxe giant scrabble and even luxury Monopoly

Glam up your gift game in a big way with the sleek European-style dining pool table. Upgrade your dining room and surprise the family with a pool table in one! Plus, there’s no need for a dedicated games room – pool your funds for this one and please them all.

3. Create an outdoor oasis

You can bet the whole fam will benefit from a bit of backyard bliss, so turn your outdoors into an oasis with hammocks and braziers or bean bags and shade sails. Find festoon lighting, outdoor rugs and whatever else you can think of to create an open-air living room! 

Or check out our range of camping gearportable tables and chairs will not only get you outside, they’ll come in handy on your next family holiday. Otherwise, we’re big fans of these dining tables that double as a fireplace for a stylish way to share a meal around the fire (literally).

4. Yes pl-izza!

Please the people with a pizza oven! Instead of racking your brain for meal ideas to tantalize all their taste buds, let the clan chop and choose their own toppings. Not only will they be the masters of their own creations, the chance to DIY pizza at home offers up a fun and healthy alternative to Friday-night takeaways. 

If you’re not able to accommodate a wood-fired oven in your backyard, boost your barbeque with this pizza kit – just place the enclosure and stone to your BBQ grill and pump out those pizzas!

5. Always changing art

If you’ve got opinionated teens or you and your partner have different interior taste – customizable wall art is the answer! 

Nanoleaf LED light panels can be arranged in any arrangement to create a warm, illuminated glowing work of art. As well as being a stunning geometric centrepiece the family can design together, everyone can take turns choosing the colour of the artwork. 

These bespoke, changeable light creations give everyone in your clan endless opportunities to express themselves and customize the art on the wall with a simple “Hey Siri!”

6. Bikes for every body

From electric models to mountain bikes – a brand new bike is a great gift idea to please every member of the family. 

You’ll find every kind of cycle to suit the varying skills and abilities within your tribe. Get a BMX for the thrill-seeker, or an e-bike for the eco-conscious commuter. Not only will everyone be stoked to have their own form of transport – you’ll all be able to explore local tracks and trails together. 

Otherwise, a cargo bike, child trailer or seat will ensure even the tiniest (and fluffiest) members can get out to enjoy a spin with the squad.

7. Freshen up with a family favourite

Make a splash with a swimming pool this Christmas! Whether it’s built-in or above-ground, everyone will be absorbed in their outdoor activity and kept cool on hot summer days – a win-win for everyone! 

Don’t forget to complete this year’s special gift with pool toys and accessories like a floating basketball hoop, volleyball net or blow-up floats – with ride-on dinosaurs, unicorn sprinklers, and inflatable drinks coolers, a swimming pool offers up endless entertainment for kids and adults alike. 

Is your family kinda fancy? Treat yourselves to a spa! If a wood-fired hot tub isn’t in the budget, inflatable spas are affordable and surprisingly, still feature pressure jets.

8. Paddle sports

Put a smile on everyone’s dial with a kayak or SUP this Christmas. Whether the paddling happens sitting down in a kayak, or standing up on a paddle board – paddle sports are a crowd-pleasing fave. 

All you need are life jackets and access to the ocean on a calm day. Choose a two-person kayak to take little ones on an exciting adventure, or a stand-up paddle board and take your weekend walk to the seas.

9. Water for well-being

While it’s not the most exciting of gift ideas for Christmas day, there’s a tonne of research to back up the benefits of drinking filtered water. It’s chlorine-free, has been known to improve skin health and even tastes better. 

Especially if you can’t seem to get certain members of the family to stay hydrated – having sparkling or chilled spring water on tap is sure to help! Otherwise, a benchtop filter is a practical pressie the whole family will get huge health benefits from all year round.

10. Capture the moment!

Don’t forget to document the laughter, fun and smiles this summer. Whether you grab an Instax camera for polaroid pics or a drone for up-in-the-air action shots – film and photograph the special moments you and your family spend together and cherish them for a lifetime.

No matter how different your family's interests and hobbies are, treat yourselves to an extravagant gift everyone will enjoy – because you can’t put a price on quality time!

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