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Get inspired

Find trends, ideas, seasonal tips and unique products.

Discover | 5 min read
10 tips for designing a home gym you’ll actually enjoy

Whether you love lifting, dancing or stretching – creating an at-home gym might be easier than you think!

Discover | 5 min read
TikTok made us buy it

These TikTok trending products that have us getting out our wallet faster than you can say, “It’s a jan-rah”

Discover | 4 min read
Nail Mother’s Day 2022 with these easy gift ideas

Make mum feel extra special with your pick of these Mother's Day gift ideas.

Selling guides

Tips and tricks for a successful sale on Trade Me Marketplace.

Selling guide | 8 min read
5 tips to make your listing stand out

Want the inside scoop on how to nail the best listing? Check out our latest listing guide.

Selling guide | 5 min read
The ultimate shipping guide

Did you know 95% of members want to know shipping costs upfront?

Selling guide | 5 min read
Top tips for speedy sales

To maximise your listings’ potential and minimise the need to relist, we’ve collated our top tips for selling quickly.

Buying guides

Tips and tricks to help you have a great shopping experience on Trade Me Marketplace.

Buying guide | 7 min read
A guide to shopping on Trade Me

Whether you’re searching for something specific or are happy browsing, Trade Me is an easy and safe place to shop.

Buying guide | 5 min read
Tools and tips to buy with confidence

As a safe and most trustworthy online marketplace for kiwis, these are our top tips to help you browse and buy.

Buying guide | 5 min read
Tips for finding the perfect listing

With thousands of items listed daily, we’re sure you can find the perfect listing on Trade Me.

Trade Me tools

Our handy tools to make buying and selling on Trade Me easier, safer and faster.

Trade Me tools | 5 min read
Sell faster with ‘Make an offer’

If you’re open to offers, but don’t want the hassle of hagglers, use the 'Make an offer' feature for seamless sales.

Trade Me tools | 4 min read
Increase your listing views by 170% via Google Shopping*

As a Trade Me Professional Seller, you benefit from Trade Me advertising your listings on Google Shopping – for free!

Trade Me tools | 4 min read
Make shipping easy with ‘Book a courier’

Get your item from A to B with our courier service, whether you've sold something onsite or not.