How to Organise Your Makeup Drawer

In this guide, we’ll show you the best way to organise your make-up drawer, so everything is right where you need it.

Last updated: 20 May 2024

If your make-up drawer has become a total mess — a catch-all for every lipstick and foundation you’ve ever owned — it’s time for a reset. In this guide, we’ll show you the best way to clean out your make-up drawer and organise it, so everything is right where you need it. Ready to make over your make-up drawer? Let’s get started!

Step 1: Prime your space

Grab your makeup bags, those bottomless pits of once-loved lippies and half-used hand creams. Dump it all out and give your make-up bag a good scrub. Then, move on to your make-up drawer, take everything out and wipe it down.

Step 2: Toss the oldies

Now, on to the purge. We’re starting fresh. Toss out the old, the broken, and the “what was I thinking?” shades. And that mascara from three birthdays ago? It's got to go. Makeup, like milk, has an expiry date, and clinging to things past their prime can do more harm than good. 

Step 3: Invest in organisers

Makeup organisers keep your products tidy and easy to find, saving you time and helping you use everything you have. Here are our favourites: 

  • Clear organisers 

Imagine opening your makeup drawer and – gasp – being able to see every product at once. Clear drawer dividers make that dream a reality, turning a jumbled mess into a neat matrix of makeup.

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  • Makeup boxes 

Stackable makeup boxes are like building blocks for beauty products. You stack 'em high, save on space, and each box can be a home for different product categories — ideal if you have a big collection.

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  • Rotating make-up organisers 

A rotating makeup organiser is a carousel for everything from your compacts to your blushes. Just a quick spin and your whole collection is at your fingertips – no more playing hide and seek with your concealer.

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  • Brush holders

Brush holders keep your brushes standing at attention, ready for duty, and they do it with style. Whether it’s a chic cup or a magnetic strip for metal handles, they make sure your beauty tools are easy to find, and much more hygienic.

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  • Acrylic racks 

For nail polish and lipstick, acrylic racks are a great way to showcase your shades. They turn your vanity or bathroom into a personal boutique, displaying colours so you can easily coordinate with your outfits.

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  • Jars

For the bits and bobs – cotton pads, sponges, and the like – jars aren’t just for jam. They’re see-through, which means no more fumbling, and they keep things hygienic and tidy.

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Step 4: Sort your make-up

To streamline your makeup routine, it's all about setting up a simple system. Here’s the best way to organise your go-to makeup items:

  • Foundation & concealer

Use a tiered clear organiser where each level is reserved for a type of product. For liquid foundations, stand them upright in a row. For concealers, sort them by colour or type in a shallow compartment. This setup not only keeps them from tipping over but also makes it easier to clean. 

  • Blush & bronzer

Powder blushes and bronzers can create quite a mess if not stored properly. Acrylic racks with individual compartments are perfect for these. They prevent the powders from mixing and make it simple to tap off excess product before application. 

  • Mascara & eye pencils

Brush holders are also great for storing mascara and eye pencils. This way, the tips don't touch each other, avoiding any transfer of product. A monthly clean with a gentle soap will keep these holders looking new.

  • Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow palettes are best stored flat in a drawer, but if space is an issue, a vertical organiser can work wonders. If you have single eyeshadows, consider magnetic boards where each shadow can stick to the surface. This type of storage is especially easy to maintain, as you can lift each shadow to clean underneath.

Step 5: Maintain the shine

Make it a weekly date — grab a damp cloth, add a splash of gentle soap, and give your organisers a quick spa treatment. As for those brushes and tools that touch your face, treat them to a deep clean with a mild shampoo. It’s the perfect way to ensure your makeup application stays flawless and, more importantly, hygienic.

Make-up makeover

Organising your make-up drawer isn’t just good housekeeping, it’s self-care. And now that you’ve dusted, sorted, and invested in nifty organisers, you’ll be more committed to keeping your beauty area clean. 

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