How To Organise Your Bedroom Furniture

If you’re over the mess and ready for some zen, this guide will show you how to get strategic with your space.

Last updated: 17 May 2024

A messy room is like walking with your shoelaces tied together — it trips you up at every step. The clutter cranks up your stress levels, too. Every time you see that jumble of clothes and papers, it's like your room is nagging you. But here's a thought: what if rearranging your furniture could cut the clutter and dial down the drama? Imagine opening your door to a room that breathes calmness and order. If you’re over the mess and ready for some zen, this guide will show you how to get strategic with your space. 

1. Plan your space

First up, think about the layout. Where's the natural light? Align your bed so you can bask in the morning sun. And the path from the door to the wardrobe and the bed —keep it clear for an easy stroll.

2. Maximise your furniture pieces

You want furniture that’s functional and gives you space to breathe. Swap out bulky items for ones that double as storage. Here are some great options:

  • Beds with storage

Choose beds that come with drawers underneath or ones that lift to reveal storage space. It’s like having an extra closet for stuff you don't need every day, keeping your bedroom neat and giving you more room to move around.

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  • Bedside tables 

Pick a bedside table that has shelves or drawers. It'll keep your things tidy and give you a spot to stash books, glasses, or chargers, leaving the top clear for just your lamp and a glass of water.

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  • Smart dressing tables

A dressing table with different-sized drawers helps you sort out makeup and jewellery. Having everything in one place makes getting ready faster and easier, and it keeps your stuff from getting lost or damaged.

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  • Blanket boxes

Those boxes at the end of the bed are great for more than just blankets. You can also stuff away off-season clothes or extra sheets. 

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  • Accent chairs

Accent chairs with storage under the seat are a two-for-one deal. They look great and give you an extra hideaway for things like magazines or craft supplies. It’s a smart way to add a comfy spot to your room without losing space.

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3. Cut the clutter

Start by spreading out all your stuff. Now, take a step back and sort it out: What do you actually use every day? What’s just collecting dust and needs to go? And what can you stash away for later? Seeing everything laid out exactly what type of storage you need.  Here are some options:

  • Storage basket sets

Basket sets can slide under your bed or into the cupboard. They’re a super efficient way to stash seasonal clothes or extra blankets — handy but out of sight. 

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  • Stackable storage boxes

These are lifesavers for tight spaces. Stackable boxes can be arranged to fit neatly under your bed, making the most of that under utilised space. They’re great for rotating out seasonal wardrobes or keeping bulky items like sweaters tucked away.

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  • Clothes storage bags

Soft and flexible, these bags will squeeze into the last bit of space under your bed. They also keep dust out and are easy to pull out. 

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4. Organise your wardrobe

Let’s be honest, when your wardrobe is well organised, you’re less likely to leave clothes lying around your room. We recommend investing in some quality storage to keep everything from sweaters to socks in check. Here are our favourites:

  • Wardrobe organisers

Wardrobe organisers make it so much easier to find what you're looking for. They come with shelves, drawers, and hanging areas to sort your clothes. 

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  • Sock organisers

Never lose a sock again! Sock organisers fit snugly into your drawers, dividing the space into neat compartments so you can pair up your socks and lay them out neatly.  

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  • Clothing hooks

Hooks aren't just for coats. Add them to the inside of your wardrobe doors to hang scarves, hats, or necklaces. They're a simple fix for keeping accessories organised and can make a small wardrobe more versatile.

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  • Clothing racks

If you're short on closet space, a clothing rack is a stylish solution. It serves as a display for your most worn items and makes it easy to plan outfits. Plus, it gives your room a modern, open-concept boutique feel.

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5. Maintain the calm

Keeping your room spotless is all about regular spruce-ups. Set aside a bit of time each week to straighten things up, put things back where they belong, and wipe down any dusty spots. And every month, check what should be going into storage and what might need to come out. This little ritual will keep your space organised.

Bedroom zen

Remember, an effective bedroom setup is about more than just good looks — it’s about creating a space that’s efficient, restful, and uniquely yours. At Trade Me, we like to say — an organised space leads to an organised mind. With these simple steps, you’ll improve both your wake-up and wind-down times. 

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