Best air fryers in NZ: buying guide

Which air fryer is best? Our NZ buying guide will help you to navigate the choices and find the perfect type.

Last updated: 16 April 2024

Air fryers — the newest hero of modern kitchen appliances. They give us crispy goodness, with way less guilt. How is that possible you ask? Well, compared to a conventional oven, it sends out a higher speed of hot air, giving a crispier finish, while the food stays nice and juicy on the inside. And the best part? You don’t need to use any oil. Think French fries, chicken wings, doughnuts and even salmon, all with way less calories. 

It’s the ultimate solution to flavour and well-being.

If you're keen to dive into the world of air frying, we've compiled this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the choices and find the perfect pick for your kitchen. What’s more, you can buy air fryers right here on Trade Me Marketplace.

Types of air fryers in NZ

First up, let’s look at the different models available on the market right now and which would suit your needs best.

Conventional air fryers

As mentioned, the classic models use potent hot air circulation to get that signature crispy finish on your food. They’re known for versatility, efficiency and they come in a range of sizes. From compact models great for one or two people to larger, family-sized units, check out the best conventional air fryers for sale here.

Oven air fryers

Want to bake, roast, broil, and air fry, all in one appliance? Oven air fryers combine the functionality of a traditional oven with air frying capabilities, offering an even wider range of cooking options. If you appreciate versatility in your kitchen, one of these oven air fryers is a great choice.

Brands and sizes

If you’re not sure what you want, why not search some trusted names like Breville or Russell Hobbs to give you an idea of quality? Or you could base your search on the size that best suits your household and cooking requirements. Options range from 3 litres for individuals or couples, 5 litres for small families, to larger 7-litre models for bigger households.

What's your budget?

While it's tempting to go for the fanciest model, opting for a used air fryer can be a smart move, especially if you're looking to save a few dollars. Let’s look at the pros and cons of new vs. used air fryers:

New air fryers

Brand-new air fryers come with the latest technology, full warranties, and are in pristine condition. Basically, you get all the bells and whistles without any wear and tear. However, you might end up paying for features you don't necessarily need.

Browse our range of brand-new air fryers here. 

Used air fryers

Used air fryers can be significantly cheaper than new ones, allowing you to get a higher-end model for less. And if well-maintained, a used air fryer can function just as well as a new one. Just make sure to check the condition, and if possible, get a demonstration from the seller. 

Check out our current range of used air fryers here.

Air fryer features to look out for

It might take a bit of research to understand which features are most important to you, but it's worth it for a satisfying air frying experience. Here are some of the features to consider:

  • Temperature control: Look for models with adjustable temperature settings for precise cooking. For instance, these Ninja air fryers give you precise control over your cooking.

  • Timer function: A built-in timer ensures your meals are cooked to perfection every time. Explore options like these Phillips air fryers here. 

  • Easy-to-clean design: For hassle-free cleaning, consider air fryers with removable, dishwasher-safe parts. The Russell Hobbs air fryer range is a great example of user-friendly design.

Best air fryer accessories

Want to multiply the range of dishes you can create? With air fryers it’s all about the accessories. If you’re into baking muffins or crafting mini pizzas, you’ll need to add a few specialised air fryer pans to your order. Or some grill pans for those perfect sear marks on steaks and veggies. If you’re a big family, consider investing in some additional racks to double up on batch cooking. And don't forget the versatile silicone mats and air fryer liners, making it easier to cook delicate items like fish and prevent any sticking mishaps. Explore all the best air fryer accessories here. 

Maintenance and care

Before your order arrives, it’s good to know how to clean your air fryer properly so it can remain your reliable kitchen companion for years to come. 

Always let the air fryer cool down after every use. Then, detach the removable parts, like the basket and tray, for easy cleaning. These are often dishwasher-safe, making clean-up easy. For any stubborn residue, a gentle scrub with a non-abrasive sponge and mild detergent should do the trick. Take care with the heating element, using a damp cloth to wipe it down.

Air fryer recipes and tips

Say goodbye to greasy takeout and hello to homemade, guilt-free goodness! Now that you've got your air fryer sorted, get inspired with some mouth-watering air fryer recipes and expert tips to make the most out of it. From crispy sweet potato fries to succulent air-fried chicken, Fresh NZ has got you covered.

Benefits of air frying

By using significantly less oil (or none at all), air frying reduces the overall fat and calorie content in dishes. And on a more technical note, air frying retains more nutrients in food compared to deep frying. There’s also less mess and reduced odour. The result? A super convenient cooking technique that allows for flavourful meals without the extra calories. A triple win!

Hello air fried goodness

With this guide in hand, you're ready to get started on your air-frying journey. Whether you're a culinary whizz or just looking to make weeknight dinners a breeze, Trade Me Marketplace offers a range of air fryers to suit every need and budget. Happy air frying, and here's to delicious, guilt-free meals!

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