Choosing the best hair straightener: NZ buying guide

Find the perfect straightener for your hair type and style preferences.

Hair straighteners have come a long way from the original, clunky models that were a bit of a gamble with every use. Today's straighteners are marvels of technology offering a range of settings for temperature control, plate materials that glide effortlessly, and features that cater to different hair types and styles.

With that in mind, choosing the right straightener for your particular hair can make a huge difference to your results. Whether it’s fine, curly, or somewhere in between, there’s a straightener designed to give you that perfect, healthy shine without the hassle. Here’s everything you need to know:

Types of hair straighteners

The first step in finding your perfect styling weapon? Understanding all the different types of hair straighteners available today. Here’s a run-down:

1. Cordless hair straighteners

Imagine the freedom of styling your hair in your car, at the office, or right before an event. Cordless hair straighteners look like traditional straighteners but operate on rechargeable batteries. They're sleek, compact, and untethered.

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2. Straighteners for curling

These straighteners have a rounded barrel, different from the classic flat design, allowing the hair to wrap around easily for curls. The edges are smooth, preventing kinks, and they often feature floating plates that adjust to your hair's thickness, creating both straight and curly styles with one tool.

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3. Mini hair straighteners

Mini straighteners are the fun-size version of their full-sized counterparts, often no larger than a smartphone. Ideal for precise styling, fringes, and edges, they offer high heat in a small package. Their size makes them less daunting for hair-straightening beginners, and a favourite for detailed work.

Find the perfect mini hair straightener.

4. Ceramic hair straighteners

Classic in design, ceramic hair straighteners are often white or black, with a sleek, smooth surface that's gentle on hair. The ceramic plates give uniform heat distribution, minimising hot spots that can cause damage. They are designed for regular use and are favoured for their protective qualities.

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5. Portable (travel) hair straighteners

Travel straighteners prioritise functionality without the bulk. They usually feature a slim design with a locking mechanism for easy packing. Some have collapsible handles or are about the length of a hand, designed to work just as efficiently as home models, with the added convenience of being travel-ready.

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6. Hair straightening brushes

These look like a traditional paddle brush but with a cord. As you brush, heat is distributed through the bristles, straightening hair as it detangles. They often have a digital temperature display and are a quick, effective tool for achieving a smooth, blow-dried look without the use of a blow dryer and round brush.

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Popular hair straightener brands on Trade Me

What are you looking for in a hair straightener? Long-lasting design, cutting-edge technology, budget-friendliness, or unique features for specific hair types? Find the straightener brand that ticks all your boxes:

1. GHD

Pioneers in heat styling, GHD straighteners are renowned for their performance and durability. Perfect for those who need professional results.

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2. Dyson

Dyson brings innovative technology to hair care, with straighteners designed for precision styling and healthier hair.

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3. Remington

Affordable without compromising quality, Remington straighteners offer lots of cool features to suit any hair type and style preference.

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4. Vidal Sassoon

A brand with a salon heritage, Vidal Sassoon straighteners give you salon quality in the comfort of your home.

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5. Cloud Nine

For those wanting a more bespoke styling experience, Cloud Nine straighteners have adjustable temperature settings for tailored hair care.

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6. Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet straighteners promise quick styling with their rapid heat-up, ideal for the time-conscious user.

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7. Babyliss

From sleek designs to multi-functional styling, Babyliss straighteners cater to a variety of styling needs and preferences.

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8. CHI

Known for their innovative approach, CHI straighteners offer ergonomic designs and advanced technology for a premium styling experience.

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Buying to suit your hair type

Here’s how different straighteners match different hair needs:

Straighteners for curly hair

If you have lots of lovely curls, a straightener with wide plates and variable heat settings works wonders. It provides the right tension and heat distribution, essential for smoothing out tight curls without excessive passes, minimising heat damage.

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Straighteners for thick hair

With thick hair, you’ll want to look for a straightener with advanced heating technology and higher temperature capabilities. Thick strands require more heat to achieve a sleek finish, and a straightener that can maintain consistent high heat will do the job quickly and efficiently.

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Straighteners for long hair

Long locks demand a straightener that can cover more surface area to speed up the styling process. Look for a model with wider plates. This reduces the time spent straightening and helps create a uniform look from roots to ends.

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Make everyday a good hair day

Ready to step up your hair game? Whether you have wild curls, unruly thick hair, or long flowing tresses, there's a straightener out there to give you the flawless finish you’re after. Dive into Trade Me to explore a variety of great brands.