Gifts for girls: top gift ideas

Looking for gifts for the girls in your life? From artsy ideas to the coolest new tech, get ready for high-fives.

Last updated: 19 October 2023

Want to impress your favourite girls with your gift-giving this year? Well, parents and grandparents, listen up. As your girls grow up, so do their hobbies and interests. So why not focus on presents that’ll let them have fun with their newest obsession?

From artsy gifts to the coolest new toys, get ready for some serious smiles, cuddles, and high-fives when they open their presents this year.

1. For the sporty girl

If she loves playing sports out in the sunshine, why not gift her something that will make summer more fun? Here are our top picks:

A new bike

A new bike is an invitation to endless summer adventures. She’ll love being about to ride to the diary, the park or maybe to her friend’s house for a sleepover. It’s fitness and fun, all in one epic present.

Browse our range of bikes here.

Wahu Skim N Hoop

Summer pool sessions mean one thing — games! The Wahu Skim N Hoop is a super fun present that combines the best of both worlds. Skim the disc across the water and aim for the hoop  — it's the perfect addition to any summer gathering.

Buy the Wahu Skim N Hoop here. 

A backyard cricket set

Transform any space into a lively cricket match, where skills are honed, and memories are made. It’s an awesome way for everyone to enjoy sun-drenched days while keeping the competitive spirit alive.

See our backyard cricket sets here.

2. For the artistic soul

Does she love to create? Why not choose a gift that sparks her imagination? Here are some top picks to nurture her artistic flair:

Jewellery making kits

Keep her busy over the summer holidays with a crafty jewellery DIY kit. Not only will she be entertained for hours, but with any luck, you’ll get some cute new bracelets and necklaces. 

Discover our jewellery-making kits here.

An art set

Watch her creativity come to life with a full art set that includes coloured pencils, paints, brushes, and sketching tools.

Browse our art sets here.

An easel

With a new easel, she’ll be able to set up her canvas outside this summer holiday and bring her creative visions to life. You might even get a nice landscape painting for the wall!

Find the perfect easel here.

3. For the tech-savvy girl

If she's the kind of girl who's always curious about the digital world, a new gadget would be a great gift idea. Here are some cool options:

Kids’ digital camera

Let her capture the world around her with a child-friendly digital camera. It's a fantastic way to encourage her creativity and storytelling skills.

See our selection of digital cameras here.

Kid-friendly tablet

Provide her with a safe and educational tablet designed just for kids. Loaded with age-appropriate content, it's a great way for her to learn and play.

Check out our kid-friendly tablets here.

Educational robot kit

Encourage her interest in technology and coding with a robot-building kit. It's a fun, interactive and educational way to learn about programming. And you never know, the skills she learns with this robot could be the start of her tech career!  

Explore our robot kit listings here.

4. For the doll fanatic

If the girl in question loves to play with dolls and use her imagination, here are the most popular picks for 2023:

A Squishmallow

Meet the cuddliest, squishiest companion of the year — the Squishmallow. While it’s not a doll in the traditional sense, it’s a plush friend that’s all the rage. Perfect for cuddling or even as a travel buddy, it’s bound to become an instant favourite. 

Find our Squishmallow listings here.

Barbie Dream House

The Barbie Dream House isn’t just a playset; it’s a whole world of imagination. Let her design, decorate, and play out endless adventures in this iconic dollhouse. And don’t worry about breaking the bank for a brand-new one — there are lots of used ones (still in great condition) on Trade Me. 

Browse our Barbie Dream House listings here.

‘Our Generation’ dolls and accessories

These lifelike dolls are all the rage this year. With cool characters, stylish outfits and heaps of accessories, they’re a popular choice for girls who love to use their imagination.

Discover Our Generation dolls and accessories here.

5. For the social bunny

If she’s planning on spending lots of time with her friends this summer, she’ll need a few accessories to make this easier. Here are our top picks:

Girls’ overnight bag

Perfect for spontaneous sleepovers and weekend getaways with friends. A stylish overnight bag is a must-have for teenage girls on-the-go this summer. They can fit all their essentials but it’s small enough so they can carry it around themselves.

See our range of girls' overnight bags here. 

Kids smartwatch

Stay in contact while she’s out and about this summer. A smartwatch helps her keep track of time while being a lifeline for communication. With built-in safety features and the ability to send quick messages, it’s a great gift for independent teenage girls who love to socialise. 

Browse our range of kids' smartwatches here. 

A sleeping bag

Great for when summer nights turn into unforgettable sleepovers, a cool sleeping bag is her ticket to a restful sleep wherever she goes. Whether it’s under the stars or at a friend's house, a sleeping bag makes for a fun and practical gift. 

Shop for kids sleeping bags here.

Acing the gift game

And there you have it — a curated list of gifts that the girl. in your life is sure to love. Whether she’s the next Picasso or a future Olympic swimmer, she’s guaranteed to be extremely happy. And the best part? You can do it all on a budget. With Trade Me’s selection of new and used products, your options are as vast as their imagination. 

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