Gifts for women: top gift ideas

Whether she's a tech enthusiast, adventurer or a fitness fan, we've got gift ideas for every woman in your life.

Last updated: 17 October 2023

Navigating gifting for the fabulous women in your life can be quite the challenge. After all, you're not just looking for a gift, but a token of your appreciation. Our advice? Start by thinking about her personality. Is she a cooking queen, a tech enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a career woman? Whatever she’s into, let’s unwrap the perfect presents for the women in your life. 

1. For the tech enthusiast

For the tech-savvy woman who loves to stay ahead in the digital world, buying a cool new gadget is sure to be a winner. Here are our top picks to keep her at the forefront of technology:

Noise-cancelling headphones

Every woman could use some headphones to relax from their busy lives. These noise-cancelling headphones give an immersive experience, while the long battery life and comfortable fit make them perfect for travel or daily commutes.

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iPad Pro

For the tech-savvy woman, the iPad Pro is like a world of possibilities. Whether it’s for work or play, its powerful performance, stunning display, and compatibility with the Apple Pencil make it great for productivity and creativity.
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Why not help her stay connected and on top of her fitness goals with a smartwatch? With features like built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking, a smartwatch is a stylish and functional accessory for women with an active lifestyle.

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2. For the cooking queen

Ask any home cook and there’s always a great new appliance or kitchen upgrade that would make the experience more enjoyable. For the perfect gift, think of high-quality cookware, new appliances, or even some sharper knives:

A pasta maker

This is a gift that combines practicality with creativity, making it a perfect choice for someone who loves to cook. It allows them to create fresh, delicious pasta dishes with ease. From classic spaghetti to exotic ravioli, the possibilities are endless. 

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A KitchenAid

The KitchenAid’s powerful motor and various attachments make it a versatile tool for baking, mixing, and whipping. Not to mention — it's a beautiful addition to her kitchen counter. 

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A knife set

A cooking queen deserves the best tools, and sharp knives are top of the list. Because there’s really nothing better than effortless chopping, slicing, and dicing. 

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3. For the adventure seeker

For women who crave the outdoors, think of gifts that will make the trip even more enjoyable. Here are our top picks to improve her next great adventure:

A GoPro

Let her capture every adrenaline-pumping moment with the GoPro. Its video capabilities and advanced stabilisation technology mean stunning, shake-free footage. Whether she's hiking, skiing, or diving, this camera is up for any adventure.

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Camping cooler bag

Whether it's a beach day or a camping weekend, this versatile bag keeps food and drinks fresh and easily accessible. With insulated compartments and durable materials, she’ll always be prepared and refreshed. 

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Kathmandu hiking boots

Give her the gift of comfortable and durable footwear for any adventure. The Kathmandu hiking boots have excellent traction and waterproof protection, making them perfect for any terrain.
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4. For the homebody

Perfect for the woman who cherishes her time at home, here are some gift ideas that will give her more of the comforts and luxuries she deserves:

Warm slippers

Whether she's unwinding after work or enjoying a leisurely weekend, a pair of new slippers will be her go-to companion. With every step, she'll be thanking you for such a thoughtful gift.  

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Nespresso coffee machine

Bring the coffee shop experience to her. With a range of delicious coffee options at her fingertips, she can savour her favourite brews from the comfort of her own home.

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Cosy hooded blanket

Whether it's for snuggling up with a book or watching her favourite shows, a super cosy and stylish hooded blanket will be her go-to for relaxation. 

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5. For the fitness fanatic

If the woman in question considers the gym their second home, here are some practical and stylish gift ideas to keep them in their element:

Yoga mat

Whether she's a seasoned yogi or exploring new workout routines, a yoga mat is a comfortable, non-slip surface for any workout. Not to mention, its portable, so she can take her practice anywhere.

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Lululemon gear

Famous for their buttery-soft leggings, Lululemon is a trusted brand for workout apparel. Choose a new sports bra, running shorts or yoga pants — whatever suits her favourite sport. 

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Headband headphones

These new wireless headband headphones are a game-changer. They offer a secure fit, perfect for intense workouts. With easy controls, she can adjust the volume or skip tracks effortlessly. 

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Mission-gifting accomplished

And there you have it. Your guide to winning the hearts of the fabulous women in your life. From the kitchen whizzes to the adventure seekers and everyone in between, these gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression. So go on, spread the joy, and let the gift-giving games begin. 

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