Gifts for men: top gift ideas

Looking for gift ideas for the men in your life? Strike a balance between thoughtful and practical with our gift guide.

Last updated: 16 October 2023

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for the men in our lives, it’s not always easy to strike the right balance between thoughtful and practical. You want to find something that screams — “You’re amazing and I totally get you!” but let’s face it, men can be a real enigma. 

Fear not, fellow Kiwis, for we have you covered. Say hello to a curated list of gift ideas that are bound to put a smile on any man's face. Whether he’s a rugged outdoorsman, a tech aficionado, or a style-conscious gentleman, we've found options to suit every taste and interest. So, without further ado, here are our top gift ideas for the special men in your life:

1. Outdoor adventure gear

For the man who answers to the call of the wild — why not opt for some high-quality adventure gear? Here are some easy ideas:

A Coleman tent

Designed with convenience in mind, it's the ideal companion for any camping enthusiast. From easy setup to reliable weather protection, this tent means a comfortable night's rest under the stars.

See our listings for Coleman tents here. 

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A Macpac backpack

Whether he's hitting the trails, going on a camping trip, or simply exploring the great outdoors, a Macpac makes sure he's equipped for the journey ahead. With its rugged durability, ample storage and comfortable design, it’s one of the more practical gift ideas. 

See all our listings for Macpac here.

A multi-tool set

Compact yet powerful, a multi-tool set is the perfect companion for conquering the wild. From cutting to tightening, opening to fixing, this set will make sure he's always prepared for every adventure. 

Browse all our multi-tool set listings here. 

2. Trending tech gadgets

If your man is the type who's always up to date with the latest tech trends, Trade Me has heaps to explore. Here are a few great ideas:

Boom 3 speaker

For the man who likes an impromptu party anywhere and everywhere. The Boom 3 speaker is a compact dynamo that delivers booming, crystal-clear, transforming any space into an audio oasis. 

Check out our Boom 3 speakers here. 

Apple smartwatch

Like having a personal assistant on your wrist — minus the coffee runs. From tracking fitness feats to keeping you connected, they're multitasking marvels. So, for the man who deserves both flair and function, an Apple smartwatch is ideal. 

Here are all our new and used Apple smartwatch listings.

Bose Quiet Comfort headphones

Sometimes a guy just wants a private concert — without the crowd. That’s why this gift is a sound investment (no pun intended). The Bose Quiet Comfort headphones are a great choice, known for quality and superior listening. 

Here are all of our brand-new and second-hand Bose headphones on Trade Me. 

3. Stylish accessories

What about a wardrobe refresh? Accessories like stylish ties, cufflinks, or a classic leather belt are sure to be used again and again. Here are some of our favourites:


Cufflinks add a touch of sophistication to any shirted outfit, and there are options to suit every budget. Plus, some can be customised with a special insignia to make them even more thoughtful.

Here are all of our best cufflink listings.

A leather belt

It's not just for holding pants up — it's a statement with a sturdy attitude. So why not add to the collection and find a timeless leather belt that suits his style? 
Here are all the leather belt options we have available on Trade Me.

A funky tie

If the man in question wears a suit and tie every day to work, a new tie will always be appreciated. For a classic gent, you can opt for a nice silk tie. Or for the quirky character, a whimsical patterned tie is always fun. 

Browse our range of ties here. 

4. Home and living essentials

A cosy recliner, some vintage art or a stylish coffee table book can be the perfect addition to a man’s living space. Here are our favourite home and living buys for men:

Air fryer

Does he love making himself quick and easy meals? The air fryer is a game-changer for creating crispy, mouth-watering dishes without the guilt. With precise temperature controls and rapid air circulation, it's like a mini convection oven that fits on the countertop. From crunchy fries to delectable wings, the possibilities are endless.

Browse our full range of air fryers here. 

Lazy Boy chair

Whether he’s a sports fanatic, a book worm or a Netflix connoisseur, the Lazy Boy chair is the throne he deserves. These recliners offer comfort, with plush cushioning and customisable positions for the perfect fit. 

Check out our range of new and used Lazy Boy’s here. 

Vintage art or prints

Think rugged movie posters from the heyday of Hollywood, cool vintage landscape paintings, or weathered photographs with a story to tell. Whatever he’s into, there’s a cool piece of art that’s calling his name on Trade Me. 

Check out our wall art selection here. 

5. Gourmet delights

If you’re buying for a foodie, why not put together a gift basket filled with cheeses, fine wines, and decadent chocolates? Or for the coffee connoisseur, you could go all out with a premium espresso machine.

Coffee machine

If you really want to earn some brownie points, gift him a coffee machine that delivers his favourite morning brew. We have a huge range of sizes and styles, from affordable to premium.
Check out our coffee machine listings here.

Gift baskets

Grab an empty basket on Trade Me and fill it with goodies tailored just for him. Get an empty basket on Trade Me and fill it with whatever goodies you think he’ll be into. If you have lots of pressies to buy, a little production line would be a stress-free solution. 

Check out our range of gift baskets here. 

Premium coffee beans

Did you know you can buy premium coffee beans in bulk on Trade Me? If the man you’re buying for likes to drink coffee, it’s a super practical and thoughtful gift that wouldn’t go to waste.

See our listings for premium coffee beans here. 

Happy gifting!

Finding the perfect gift for the men in your life doesn't have to be a daunting task. With Trade Me, you always have great options at your fingertips, no matter the budget. So go ahead, explore our curated selection and wow the men in your life with your gifting this Christmas.

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