Choosing the best dehumidifier: NZ buying guide

Say goodbye to dampness and mould with a new dehumidifier.

Windows crying with condensation each morning? Battling mould in the bathroom? Or, maybe you have that never-ending damp feeling in your laundry room? Whatever the problem, moisture can turn your home into a much less comfortable space.

The solution? Dehumidifiers. Designed to suck out that excess moisture and make every room feel just right – not too dry, not too damp. In this buying guide, we’ll talk you through everything you need to know about dehumidifiers and help you find the one that's perfect for your needs.

Types of dehumidifiers

Each type of dehumidifier brings a unique set of benefits to the table, tailored to tackle specific problems in your home. Choose the right one, and enjoy a fresher, drier living space that’s just more comfortable to be in. Here are your options:

1. Dehumidifiers for mould control

Mould's worst nightmare! These dehumidifiers are powerhouses, designed to keep humidity levels low enough to stop mould in its tracks. Perfect for damp-prone areas, they work tirelessly to protect your home and health from mould's unsightly spots and potential hazards.

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2. Dehumidifiers for the laundry room

Say goodbye to indoor rainforests. Laundry room dehumidifiers speed up drying times and keep the air fresh, even when you're drying indoors. No more damp clothes or musty smells, just crisp, dry laundry ready to wear or put away.

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3. Dehumidifiers for baby rooms

Babies need fresh, clean air for healthy development. A dehumidifier for the nursery means your little one breathes easily, protecting against allergens and creating a comfortable sleeping environment. Quiet and safe, these units are a parent's best friend for peace of mind.

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4. Dehumidifiers for bedrooms

Enhance your sleep oasis by maintaining the perfect humidity level with a bedroom dehumidifier. These quiet companions work in the background to ensure you wake up refreshed, without the stuffiness or discomfort that comes from high humidity levels.

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5. Dehumidifiers for the basement

Basements are notorious for being damp and dingy. A robust basement dehumidifier tackles this challenge head-on, protecting your stored items from moisture damage and making the space more usable.

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Popular dehumidifier brands

Whether you're after looks, or straightforward functionality, here are our favourite dehumidifier brands:

Delonghi dehumidifiers

Delonghi's a bit like that reliable friend who's always there to clear the air. They’re known for their sleek Italian design and their knack for pulling moisture from your rooms like a pro. What’s more, they’re pretty energy-efficient. The downside? They can be a tad more expensive, and some find them a bit louder than other brands.

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Goldair dehumidifiers

Goldair dehumidifiers are a budget-friendly brand in the battle against humidity. They’re great for those who need something straightforward without all the frills. They tend to be more basic and might not pack the punch of the bigger names, but they’ll still get the job done in smaller spaces.

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Dimplex dehumidifiers

Dimplex offers that middle ground – not too pricey, not too cheap. Their units are known for being durable and reliable. They don't always have the fanciest features, but if you're after something that's more 'set and forget', Dimplex could be your match.

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Mitsubishi dehumidifiers

Mitsubishi is like the silent ninja of dehumidifiers. They're known for being whisper-quiet and super effective, making them perfect for bedrooms or offices. The catch? They come with a price tag that reflects their advanced technology and quiet efficiency.

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Sheffield dehumidifiers

Sheffield might not be the biggest name on the block, but their dehumidifiers offer a no-nonsense approach with a more palatable price point. They're not going to win any beauty contests, but if you're after function over form, Sheffield stands ready.

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Midea dehumidifiers

Midea is bringing affordability to the dehumidifying game. They've got a variety of models that won't break the bank and offer some pretty neat features for their price. They may not be as robust as the higher-end options, but they're a solid choice for the budget-conscious.

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Panasonic dehumidifiers

Panasonic dehumidifiers are the all-rounders — good at just about everything. Energy-efficient, quiet, and powerful, they're a smart choice if you're willing to invest a little more for quality.

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Buying new vs used dehumidifiers

New dehumidifiers should hopefully come with latest features and a worry-free warranty, but they can be pricey. Used ones? They're wallet-friendly and eco-conscious. However, they come with no guarantees and possible hidden issues. Your choice hinges on whether you prioritise fresh tech and peace of mind or love a good deal and a bit of adventure in your buys.

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Dry ease

Here's to clear air and cosy spaces. Dehumidifiers are your silent guardians against dampness, keeping your home comfortably dry and protecting your health by warding off mould and allergens. They’re the unsung heroes that transform clammy into cosy, making every breath in your home a sigh of relief. Good luck on your hunt for that perfect balance of functionality and value.