Best humidifiers: NZ buying guide

We walk you through the types of humidifiers available, best brands and provide tips to help with your decision-making.

Last updated: 11 January 2024

Have you ever been tucked up at home, the heater humming away, and suddenly, your skin feels drier than your dad’s humour? Or maybe a nasty bout of hay fever has you desperate for respite? Well, maybe it's time to take advantage of the humble humidifier. We’re about to walk you through the different types of humidifiers available, highlight popular brands and provide valuable insights to help your decision-making process. Because, let's be honest, life's too short for dry air.

Types of humidifiers

Whether you're combating winter dryness or want to create a spa-like atmosphere, knowing the difference between humidifier types means you’ll pick the one that suits your needs. Here are your options:

1. Baby humidifiers: gentle care for little ones

Babies have delicate skin and respiratory systems, making baby humidifiers a sought-after choice for parents. These devices offer gentle moisture, preventing dry skin and soothing irritated nasal passages. 

Browse baby humidifiers for your tiny tot's comfort. 

2. Air humidifiers: whole-house comfort

If you're aiming to combat dry air in your entire home, air humidifiers are the way to go. These units are designed to moisturise large spaces, making sure every room enjoys optimal humidity levels. 

Find your ideal air humidifier

3. Cool mist humidifiers: refreshingly soothing

Cool mist humidifiers release a cool vapour into the air, making them perfect for hot climates or those who prefer a refreshing mist. They are particularly beneficial for relieving dry skin and easing respiratory discomfort. 

Discover cool mist humidifiers.

4. Plant humidifiers: greenery meets moisture

Perfect for plant enthusiasts, these humidifiers give you the necessary moisture for your leafy companions. They create a microclimate that supports plant growth and overall health. 

Explore plant humidifiers to keep your indoor jungle thriving.

5. Essential oil diffuser humidifiers: aromatherapy bliss

For those wanting an aromatic touch to their humidifying experience, essential oil diffuser humidifiers combine the benefits of moisture and soothing scents. 

Get the power of aromatherapy with an essential oil humidifier

6. Ultrasonic humidifiers: silent and efficient

Want a more peaceful experience? These humidifiers use ultrasonic vibrations to produce a fine mist — quietly. Perfect for bedrooms and offices where silence is golden. 

Explore ultrasonic humidifiers.

Popular humidifier brands

Whether you're after playful designs, German precision, or straightforward functionality, here are the top brands:

1. Crane humidifiers: quirky designs, serious moisture

Crane humidifiers have soared in popularity thanks to their whimsical designs — a playful touch to combating dry air. With ultrasonic technology, these compact and portable devices operate quietly and have customisable mist settings for various room sizes. Known for its affordability and brand reputation, Crane is a trusted choice for maintaining optimal indoor humidity levels.

Find a funky Crane humidifier for your home. 

2. Beurer humidifiers: German precision for your home

Hailing from Germany, Beurer humidifiers blend cutting-edge technology with sleek design. Renowned for their efficiency, they have user-friendly controls and a variety of models. So, whether you opt for a cool or warm mist, you’ll have a quiet operation and reliable performance. 

Find the perfect Beurer humidifier.

3. Honeywell humidifiers: trusted comfort solutions

Honeywell humidifiers dominate the scene with their reliable performance and no-nonsense approach. With a straightforward design, trusted functionality, and a track record for getting the job done, these humidifiers will help you combat dry air or ease respiratory discomfort.

Discover Honeywell humidifiers.

New vs. used: making the right choice

While a new humidifier guarantees the latest features and technology, opting for a used one might be a budget-friendly choice. On Trade Me, you'll find both new and used humidifiers, so you know you’ll find one to match your preferences and budget. Just remember to check the product descriptions and seller ratings so you can buy your humidifier confidently. 

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More about humidifiers

Humidifiers aren't just gadgets; they're the unsung supporters of your well-being. Here are a few facts:

Better comfort at home

Humidifiers maintain optimal humidity levels in your living spaces. Whether it's winter dryness or summer heat, it makes for a much cosier and more pleasant environment.

Health benefits: easing coughs and sickness

Humidifiers can play role in alleviating respiratory issues. Moist air can soothe irritated nasal passages and can help relieve coughs, making it easier to breathe during sickness.

Humidifiers vs. dehumidifiers

While humidifiers add moisture to the air, dehumidifiers remove excess moisture. Striking the right balance is key to a comfortable and healthy living environment.

Humidifiers vs. diffusers

Humidifiers and diffusers serve different purposes. While humidifiers focus on adding moisture, diffusers are primarily for dispersing essential oils into the air for aromatherapy. 

Nebulizer vs. humidifier

Nebulisers are specialised devices that deliver medication in a fine mist. 

Breathe in comfort

Humidifiers can truly help your well-being. They bring comfort to your home, can ease coughs during sickness, and strike the perfect balance between humidity and freshness. What’s not to love? As you look to buy your new humidifier, make sure to do your research so you end up with something that ticks the budget, health, and aesthetic boxes. Happy shopping!

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