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5 tips to make your listing stand out

Want the inside scoop on how to nail the best listing? Check out our latest listing guide.

Fantastic photos

The saying that a picture says a thousand words is true, especially when it comes to your listing! The resolution, framing, and background content of the image may even tell a buyer more about your item than the description...

The feature image you choose will determine whether a potential buyer will click through to your listing.

Here’s how to take fantastic photos:

  • Make sure you only upload high-resolution images 
  • Take your photos in natural light and avoid shadows 
  • Orient your photos in landscape so they display well on both desktop and mobile 
  • Photograph on a white, light background that’s free of distractions (depending on your item, a pattern or texture like wood or metal can work wonders) 
  • Draw attention to your item by framing it with plenty of neutral space 
  • Select a strong photo for your feature image and don’t forget to include photos from multiple angles, including closeups of any imperfections 
  • Remind buyers of your item’s benefits by including a photo of it in use where appropriate.

Enable Make an offer

Give shoppers the opportunity to make you an offer! It’s a great way to make your listing stand out as well as gauge for yourself what people are prepared to pay for your goods. Plus, it’s super easy to use.

If you accept a buyer's offer, your item is sold automatically – wahoo! Decline low offers with the click of a button, and the shopper will be immediately notified and given the option to make you another deal.

The Make An Offer feature works similar to a Buy Now in that you can have ‘make an offer’ switched on and have a reserve. The option to make an offer will disappear once the reserve price has been met.

Keen to try it out? Simply toggle the button when creating your listing in the pricing section (only available on the Trade Me Apps). Not only is this hot new feature free to use, it essentially automates haggling! 

Simplified shipping

Whether you offer free shipping or specify costs in advance, making the delivery process totally transparent will appeal to more people. A listing that gives buyers assurance about the total price they’ll pay turns a good listing into a great one!

Offer free shipping 
Who doesn’t love free shipping? Not only will your listing visually stand out thanks to the little green ribbon adorning your feature image, but it’ll also be another financial incentive for shoppers to click through to your listing compared to others.

Remember this doesn’t have to put you out of pocket – just build the shipping costs into your Buy Now or reserve price.

Provide shipping estimates 
The next best thing to free shipping is cheap shipping! Our Book a courier service means you can offer shipping rates that start as low as $3.20 per package. Generate a courier estimate by entering the size and weight of your item, and the price will automatically display on your listing.

It’s as simple as book, pack, and track – you don’t even have to leave the house, meaning your buyer is more likely to get their item faster, too.

Use our handy features

There’s a reason we have 500K genuine Kiwi shoppers on-site every day, and it might have something to do with some of these trusted selling tools.

Buy Now 
Stand out to time-poor buyers with a Buy Now. This feature makes it easy to buy. Right now!

$1 reserves 
Got a rare or popular item? A $1 reserve is guaranteed to attract the attention it deserves! Sit back and watch the bids roll in.

Afterpay and Ping 
Add Ping for immediate payments and offer Afterpay on those big ticket items to appeal to more people no matter their budgets – they’ll be able to pay off their purchase in installments while you get your money upfront.

Categories & Subtitles 
Add a subtitle to your listing for extra style, or stand out, literally, by increasing your reach – list your item in more than one category.

Research and shine

If you do a quick search on items similar to yours, you’ll quickly notice which ones you’re attracted to, which ones you’re not, and why. While a great photo or free shipping will always make your listing pop, those factors don’t matter as much as the context in which your item is viewed.

It could be about value for money, location, product features, or even the offer of eco-friendly packaging. It could be as subtle as an un-ironed suit versus one that’s been dry-cleaned. Whatever makes a listing stands out to one person will vary to the next, so think about what’s great about your item and what you can do differently to make it shine.

Maybe you’ll choose to add some personality to your description or set your starting bid at an unexpected price. Be creative, authentic, and honest – and you’ll have an eye-catching item because it’s well-placed in the context of its competitors.

Make your listing stand out with our top tips, and enjoy an easy and effective selling experience. Create an attention-grabbing listing today!

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