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Shipping simplified. Get your item where it needs to be, even if it wasn’t sold on Trade Me.

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Got something to send?

We've teamed up with Aramex and NZ Post – to save you time and money. Send stuff across Aotearoa New Zealand with our door-to-door courier service – and take advantage of our great mates' rates.

How it works

Laptop and phone, side by side

Select 'Book a courier' from My Trade Me. Follow the steps to book and pay online.

A large box next to a smaller box

Pack it up securely and write the tracking number on the parcel.

A courier van, on its way to deliver the parcel

Leave the parcel somewhere safe for collection – and track it door-to-door. Easy!

Try 'Book a courier'
Try 'Book a courier' and see how easy it is!
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What our customers think

"Trade Me has got it right with the 'Book a courier' service, it is brilliant! …

So easy to use, extremely reliable, efficient couriers and cheaper than standard post. This new service has made my life a lot easier, a click of a button and collection is made from my front door step and can be tracked until delivery. Thanks Trade Me! "

"What a great enhancement this 'Book a courier' function is …

Without any work at my end, I can now access and offer competitive courier rates and options to my Trade Me customers. I no longer need to head to the Post Shop, as with a few clicks of my mouse the courier is ordered and at my front door. All this without me having to research a thing. "

"A remarkably easy and convenient facility …

that gives small personal and business sellers access to the kind of discounts in courier charges usually only available to medium and large businesses. "


Who can use 'Book a courier'?

Anyone with a Trade Me account! Don't have one yet? Register now to take advantage of our mates' rates and door-to-door service with 'Book a courier'.

Can I only use 'Book a courier' for items I've sold on Trade Me?

No – you can use 'Book a courier' for any reason or occasion!

What type of packaging can I use?

You don't need to buy special courier bags or boxes – get creative and reuse old bags and boxes! Just make sure it's strong enough to protect what you’re sending.
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How do I find 'Book a courier'?

Log in to your Trade Me account, head to My Trade Me and you'll find 'Book a courier'. If you're in our App, you'll find it in the 'Profile & Account' section of My Trade Me.

Do I need to be home when the courier picks up my parcel?

No – you can leave it in a safe place that’s easy to access. Make sure to include clear pick-up instructions when making your booking.

Can I have my parcel picked up from an address other than my home?

Yes! Just enter the correct pick-up address if it needs to be collected from somewhere else, it could be your work or friend's house, just remember to include pick-up instructions for the driver.

Can I get prices for an item that hasn't sold yet?

Yes! When creating a listing, choose 'Calculate courier costs' to estimate the shipping price. Once you've sold your item, head to your 'Sold' page or 'My Trade Me' and start your booking from there.

Note that these are only estimates and may vary based on final courier details.
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How do I know what to charge the buyer if I haven’t booked the courier yet?

Go to 'Book a courier' in My Trade Me and enter the parcel details. You'll be able to see prices without making a booking.

What if I need to change, cancel or re-book?

You'll need to contact the courier directly – we're not able to make any changes once a booking is confirmed. Their contact details are in your booking confirmation.
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Need more help?
Check out our 'Book a courier' help page.
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