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Shipping made easy with our courier service that gets your item from A to B, whether you've sold it onsite or not.

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Courier delays

Our courier partners are currently operating at reduced capacity due to Covid-19. This means it may take couriers longer to collect and deliver your parcel. We apologise for the inconvenience and are asking our members to please be patient and kind to your fellow Kiwis.

Got something to send?

Book a courier with us! Get our courier mates' rates, with contactless home pick-up, and track your parcel with our trusted partners.

How it works

Log in, head to 'My Trade Me', and follow the simple steps below.


    Select 'Book a courier'. You'll automatically get our courier mates' rates, starting from $3.67*.


    You can use packaging from around the house. It doesn't need to be perfect, but does need to be secure!


    Leave it on your doorstep for collection and track your parcel door to door with our trusted courier partners. Easy!

    Try 'Book a courier'
    Try 'Book a courier' and see how easy it is!
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    What our customers say

    “Trade Me has got it right with the 'Book a courier' service, it is brilliant! ...
    So easy to use, extremely reliable, efficient couriers and cheaper than standard post. This new service has made my life a lot easier, a click of a button and collection is made from my front door step and can be tracked until delivery. Thanks Trade Me! ” – cbland

    “What a great enhancement this ‘Book a courier’ function is...
    Without any work at my end, I can now access and offer competitive courier rates and options to my Trade Me customers. I no longer need to head to the Post Shop, as with a few clicks of my mouse the courier is ordered and at my front door. All this without me having to research a thing. ” – welcome_back

    “A remarkably easy and convenient facility...
    that gives small personal and business sellers access to the kind of discounts in courier charges usually only available to medium and large businesses. ” – cosimo

    Frequently asked questions

    Who can use 'Book a courier'?
    Anyone with a Trade Me account! Whether you've sold something on Trade Me, or have something else to send, you can take advantage of our mates' rates and door to door service with 'Book a courier'.

    Can I only use 'Book a courier' for items I've sold on Trade Me?
    Nope! You can use 'Book a courier' to send your parcel, whether it's something you've sold on-site, or something else like a present to a mate.

    How do I find 'Book a courier'?
    Log in to your Trade Me account, head to 'My Trade Me' and you'll find 'Book a courier'. If you're in our App, you'll find this in the Profile & Account section of 'My Trade Me'.

    What type of packaging can I use?
    You don't need professional courier bags, but you do need to package your item securely so it won't get damaged in transit. Old cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, or robust envelopes and shopping bags are great – just make sure it's going to get keep what you're sending safe and secure. Wrapping in supermarket bags, tissue paper or newspaper isn't suitable.

    Do I need to be home when the courier picks up my parcel?
    No, you can leave the parcel in an easy-to-access place like the front door, in your letterbox, or on the back porch. Mention this when you're booking, and the courier can pick up the item when you aren't home.

    Can I have my parcel picked up from an address other than my home?
    Yes, when confirming your booking select the address you would like the item picked up from. It could be your work or friend's house, just add any details about where the item will be left.

    How can I use 'Book a courier' for items sold on Trade Me?
    When creating a listing you can use our calculator to get courier estimates for your item's shipping cost. Once you've sold your item, head to your 'Sold' page or 'My Trade Me' and start your booking from there.

    How do I know what shipping costs to charge the buyer if I haven’t booked the courier yet?
    When creating a listing you can use our calculator to get courier estimates for your items shipping cost. These can be calculated from your package size and weight and provide multiple estimates for buyers to pay. Note that these are only estimates and may vary based on final courier details.

    What happens if I miss a pick-up time or need to change or cancel my booking?
    If something goes wrong with pick-up, or you need to change or cancel your booking, you’ll need to directly contact the courier company. Contact details for Courier Post or Aramex will be provided on booking – call them with your tracking number and they’ll give you a hand.

    For more information and FAQs check out our 'Book a courier' help page.

    *Rural surcharges apply. Prices will vary depending on the size, packaging and location of the recipient. Maximum parcel weight is 25kg. Carrier exclusions apply on certain goods. Terms and conditions apply.

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