Trust every trade with Ping

Instant payments. The safe, secure and simple way to buy and sell on Trade Me.

What is it?

  • Our built-in card payment system – the safest, fastest and easiest way to pay on Trade Me.
  • Your virtual wallet. Either withdraw your balance, or spend it on Trade Me.
  • Peace of mind with Buyer and Seller Protection.*

All members have access to Ping, Trade Me's very own payments platform that enables quick and easy trades. Just add your credit or debit card, then you're ready to buy or sell.

Why use Ping?

Easy icon

No more messing around with bank account details and chasing up payments.

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Speed up sales with instant card payments. No more waiting for payments to clear.

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Secure online payment. We've got your back with Buyer and Seller Protection.*


Buying with Ping

  • All Trade Me members have a Ping account – there’s nothing to set up.
  • When buying an item, select Ping as your payment option, then choose to pay with your credit/debit card or Ping balance. Your payment appears instantly in the seller's Ping balance, so they can send your item straight away.
  • Choose whether you want to save your card for future payments.
  • You're protected with our Buyer Protection policy – up to $2,500*.

Selling with Ping

  • When creating a listing, select Ping as a payment option. When a buyer pays with Ping, their payment shows in your Ping balance instantly.
  • You get the full amount right way – less a 1.95% transaction fee.
  • Either keep the money in your Ping balance to spend on Trade Me, or transfer it to your bank account.

Learn more about your Ping account and balance.

Got questions about Ping?
For more information, check out our help pages.
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Frequently asked questions

Is Ping a Trade Me service?

Sure is! Ping is a payments service built, owned, and operated by Trade Me.

Is my data safe with Ping?

We don't share your payment data with anyone. Ping complies with industry security standards. Regular audits and security testing ensure the safety of your data.

How do I get a refund?

If there’s a problem with your purchase, check out our dispute resolution process.

Are all things covered by Buyer Protection?

Most purchases on Trade Me are covered, but there are some exclusions. See our full eligibility criteria.

How do I add money to my Ping account?

Money can only go into your Ping account from selling something on Trade Me. If you don’t have enough Ping balance to pay for something, you can pay the difference with your card.

How do I withdraw funds from my Ping account?

Add your bank account details in My Trade Me, then ‘Transfer out’. This can take 1-2 business days to process.

Need more help?
Check out our Ping help page.
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*Terms & conditions apply. Learn more about Buyer Protection and Seller Protection.

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