You're covered up to $2,500 when you pay with Ping or Afterpay*

If your purchase doesn't arrive, isn't as described, or is faulty.

Buyer Protection has you covered.

Millions of items are sold on Trade Me each year, and nearly all of those trades go off without a hitch. On the off chance something goes wrong, we've got your back.

Buy an eligible Marketplace item using Ping, Pay Now or Afterpay and if it doesn't turn up, isn't as described or damaged, we can refund your money – up to $2,500.*

*Conditions apply.

How it works

Contact the seller

Sellers want to hang onto their positive feedback rating and in most cases will fix the problem quick smart.

Not resolved?

If the issue isn't resolved after contacting the seller, file a dispute report within 30 days.

Getting a refund

We'll help the seller to resolve things. If they don't, we'll review the details to see if you're eligible for a refund.


What payment types are covered?

Only items purchased with Ping or Afterpay are covered - bank transfers & cash payments are not.

What's covered?

If we decide you meet the eligibility criteria, we may provide you with a refund in the following circumstances.

  • Non-delivery
  • Faulty goods
  • Not as described

What's not covered?

  • Buyer's mistake
  • Change of mind
  • Incorrect delivery address
  • Seller or another party has refunded you
  • Item excluded
  • Fraudulent claims
  • Items damaged during pick up by the buyer
  • Non-delivery where items are shipped to a vacant address
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