New feature - Make an offer

You can now make an offer on general item listings on the Trade Me app!

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Make an offer helps reduce the time to sell by 17%* and increase probability of a sale by 8%*!


Make an offer is automatically on when you create a listing. You can turn it off while listing if you want to.


Offer an amount for sellers to accept or decline. If the offer's accepted, the item is yours!

Available on the App

Make an offer is currently only available via the Trade Me App for iOS and Android.

How it works - Selling (casual sellers only)

  • When listing an item on the app, Make an offer is automatically on. You can switch off the “Allow buyers to make an offer” button under the price section if you like - but it's free and effective to use make an offer.
  • If you’ve already started a listing via the website, you can still turn on make an offer if you edit the listing on the app.
  • When a buyer makes an offer, you’ll receive a notification and have 24 hours to accept or decline. (make sure you have Trade Me notifications enabled!)
  • If you accept the offer, your item is sold! The listing will then close and payment instructions will be sent (if you accept by mistake contact the customer service team to help you out).
  • If you decline the offer, the buyer will be told and given the option to make another offer if they wish.
  • If a listing has a reserve, anyone can make an offer until the reserve price is met. Once it’s been met members won’t be able to make an offer any more and all outstanding offers will be declined - but buyers can continue to bid on your listing.
  • Keep in mind shipping costs aren’t included in the offer amount.

How it works - Buying

  • Once you’ve found a listing you like, check if it has the “Make an offer” button (Tip: If it doesn’t, you can ask the buyer to turn on make an offer in the Q & A section).
  • Tap the “Make an offer” button and put in the offer amount (you can also select your payment and shipping methods at this stage too).
  • The offer is then sent to the seller and they have 24 hours to accept or decline.
  • If the seller accepts, the item is yours! You can now complete payment like you normally would.
  • If the seller declines, you can choose to send them another offer.
  • If the seller doesn’t action the offer within the 24 hours, it will expire. You can then send another offer if you’d like.
  • To request to have an offer declined, send the seller a message in the Q&A.
  • You can make as many offers as you like until the reserve price is met. Once the reserve price is met all outstanding offers will be automatically declined, but you can continue to bid on the item.


  • Does it cost to use Make an offer? 
    Nope, the feature is absolutely free to use for all casual sellers.
  • If the seller accepts my offer, will I have to complete the trade?
    Yes. Just like clicking Buy Now or placing a bid, by making an offer you are committing to completing the trade and purchasing the item, if the seller accepts your offer.
  • I’m a pro seller, why can’t I use this new feature?
    At the moment this functionality is not available to pro sellers, however it is something we’ll consider in the future.
  • I just made an offer on a listing but made a typo, I popped $800 instead of $80 - how do I remove this?
    If you’ve made your offer, you can’t edit it or withdraw it at this stage. You can use the ‘Q & A ’ function on the listing to let the seller know you made a mistake and ask them to decline your offer. Once your offer is declined, you can place another one.

    Think of it the same as bidding on auction — you can’t withdraw your own bid, but you can ask the seller to do it for you.

.     Check out our help page for more information. 

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