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Selling on Trade Me: the ultimate shipping guide

The vast majority of Trade Me buyers want to know shipping costs upfront.

Last updated: 13 June 2023

Whether you’re selling a fragile, vintage vase or a pair of limited edition sneakers – a smooth trade relies on setting up that equally smooth shipping experience.

No matter what you’re shipping – whether your item is long, short, urgent, or fragile – check out our ultimate shipping tips to ensure shipping is simple as.

For door-to-door shipping

Trade Me’s Book a courier service makes shipping easy and transparent.

There’s no need to haul yourself to the post shop or search for quotes online – in fact, you don’t need to do anything at all, thanks to our Book a courier service. Pack up your item with an old shoebox or sturdy bag, write the tracking number on your parcel and leave it on your doorstep for collection – you don’t even have to leave your house! It’s as simple as book, pack, and track.

Trade Me’s Book a courier service is perfect for those everyday, easy-to-package items like clothes, toys, or books.

Selling on behalf of someone else? There’s no need to double-handle the item or call the courier – simply swap out your pickup address for theirs!

How to use Book a Courier:

  • Write the tracking label clearly on the package
  • Pick up is Monday – Friday
  • Maximum length, weight, and volume are 150cm, 25kg, and 0.125 m3 respectively
  • Using a bag? Make sure it weighs less than 5kg
  • Using a box? Make sure it weighs less than 25kg
  • Your Trade Me account will be charged for shipping fees – to get courier estimates, select 'Calculate courier costs' during the listing process. Select your package type and fill out the details. The estimates will be displayed on your listing, and are available for buyers to choose from.
  • If you need to adjust the booking or something goes wrong – get in touch with NZ Post (0800 268 743) or Aramex (0800 327 8929) directly.

Ready to try it out? Just use our shipping calculator the next time you create a listing.

For contactless, same-day delivery

Uber Connect is ideal for same-city delivery.

Send your items with Uber Connect for a zippy shipping solution – perfect for same-city delivery (or if you’ve left shipping to the last minute!). Download the Uber app, type in your delivery address and swipe up to select ‘Uber Connect’.

It works the same as a normal Uber journey – the difference being that it’s only your parcel that enjoys the ride. Pop your item in the boot of the Uber when it arrives, and be sure to share the trip status with the recipient so they can monitor their incoming delivery.

Whether it’s an item you sell on-site or the laptop charger you’ve accidentally left at home, Uber Connect is a seriously speedy way to transport whatever you need in a hot second.

For clunky cargo

There are plenty of options for hard-to-ship items.

Unsure how to package that cello without a case? Concerned it will cost hundreds to ship that extra-long longboard? If you’ve avoided listing those fragile, heavy or awkwardly shaped items because you know that bubble wrap won’t seal the deal, consider these companies for your out-of-the-box shipping solution.


Their nationwide door-to-door collect and delivery service takes the guesswork out of shipping large and heavy items. They offer a depot-to-depot service which will often significantly reduce shipping costs – you might find it’s cheaper and easier to ship that long longboard than you originally thought!

Whether it’s a piano, surfboard or solid slab of wood, Mainfreight is available throughout most of Aoteraoa New Zealand to make shipping those irregular or tricky goods a cinch.

Pack & Send

Pack & Send is a great option for oddly-shaped or fragile items. For peace of mind that your goods will be delivered safe and sound, you can even drop-off your item as is, and they’ll package it for you. Just type your item’s dimensions and pick-up address into their online form for a quote, and update your on-site listing with the estimation.

Get a Trade Me courier quote and choose from their premium, budget or same-day courier service – or use their in-store drop-off service for the buyer to pick up.

Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel is another great online courier solution that conveniently syncs with your Trade Me account. Pass the Parcel is great if you’re managing multiple consignments at once or need something to pop your goods in, as they offer a selection of packs for free.

For an old-school shipping situation

Prefer to pop down to the post-shop? No worries! Whether you take advantage of online shipping options or prefer a face-to-face interaction – the important part is that your buyer is aware of any shipping costs before they bid or buy.

Post Shop

You’ll always have the option to manually enter the standard, track & trace or rural shipping options on your listing. The shipping price will show on your listing and shipping instructions will be sent to the buyer as soon as the listing is won.


Buyers tend to be more than happy to complete their trade in-person. Ensure you’ve checked whether the buyer ‘must pick-up’ or has the option ‘may pick up’ when creating your listing.

If you’re offering pick-up, specify which suburb pick-up will be in so that there are no surprises when it comes to coordinating a time to trade. We also recommend choosing a neutral, public location to meet such as a local park, shopping area or even your workplace if appropriate.

There’s no need to fret when it comes to freight! Instead of providing a ballpark figure (or worse, not listing shipping costs at all...), use our Book a courier service, Uber Connect or grab a quick and easy quote online.

Make shipping simple and give potential buyers one more reason to shop with you – it really is all in the delivery!

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