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How to create a great listing when selling on Trade Me

Whether you want your sale to be easy, quick or lucrative, your listing needs to be great quality.

Last updated: 13 June 2023

Selling items on Trade Me: creating a great listing

1. Be informative

Every buyer is looking for information that gives them confidence to make decisions about their purchase. Your focus should always be to provide clear and factual information.

A great Trade Me listing contains the following elements:


Clear and specific titles lead to your item being found by someone who wants it – be relevant and concise:

  • Include the most important attributes in your title.
  • Use keywords that someone looking for your item might type in.
  • Triple check for typos – ‘lapopts’ and ‘queen beards’ won’t be found!


Include as much information as possible in your listing description, starting with the most important details. Think about what buyers will want to know, and provide answers for them in your listing so they don’t need to ask questions before bidding.

  • Describe the condition in detail and note measurements, sizing, fabric, brand, colour, style, model and make.
  • Include warranty details and refund or return policy.
  • Some buyers need mint condition but others actually want second-hand – don’t shy away from describing any flaws.


Assure buyers of exactly what they’re bidding on by using clear, high quality photos. Take photos during the day when there is natural light, and choose a background free from distractions.

Take photos from different angles.

Include clear, bright photos that show flaws and imperfections too.

Avoid using photos taken off the internet. View our complete photo policy and guidelines for more information.

Extra information

Think about anything else your buyer might need to know to improve your chances of selling.

For example, If you’re selling a garden shed that’s pick-up only, consider how that will impact your buyer. Note whether that shed can be broken down and what measurements lying flat will be.

  • Include shipping costs and note the suburb if pick-up is required.
  • Mention the reason you’re selling if it adds credibility to your listing, e.g,’selling cheap as it was an unwanted gift’.

Good photos and detailed information will help your sale.

2. Do your research

Search for similar items currently for sale on Trade Me to get a sense of how much you can expect to get for your item, and how much other people might be willing to pay (these amounts can be quite different!).

Watching those listings over several days or weeks will show you how much you can expect to get, and what you can do to make your listing stand out.

For example, if all the other listings you’ve seen require cash on pick-up, you could offer Afterpay.

3. Put some thought into your pricing

Even if you don’t care about the price and just want your item gone, avoid under-pricing in a bid to make a fast sale. A low price may deter buyers as much as a high one.

  • Use our Price Suggester tool in combination with your research to choose the right start price.
  • Buyers prefer knowing the total cost before making a purchase, so confirm shipping fees before you list.
  • Add our Make an offer feature so buyers can send you offers you can accept or decline easily. Make an offer feature
  • Check out our helpful guide on how to get the best price for your item.

Use our guides to price your items competitively.

4. Make use of promotional features and extras

Your best chance of selling on Trade Me comes the first time you list an item, so use our free and paid features to reach as many people as you can.

Free features

  • Offering a Buy Now is great for buyers and sellers who need a quick sale.
  • Add our Make an offer feature so buyers can send you offers you can accept or decline easily for a fast sale.
  • Attract attention with a $1 reserve (but do your research – $1 reserve listings aren’t suitable for every listing).

Promotional extras

Shipping made easy

  • Save money on shipping costs for your buyer with our Book a Courier service. Take advantage of our great mates' rates!
  • Adding Book a Courier to your listing will also give the buyer an accurate shipping estimate.

Payment options covered by Buyer Protection

  • Ping payments (1.95% transaction fee) are easy, instant and safe for buyers and sellers.
  • Afterpay (4.95% transaction fee) lets buyers pay for items in fortnightly instalments, but you’ll get paid upfront and be able to send the item immediately.
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