A preloved present: The gift that keeps on giving

Christmas gifts that not only have a lasting effect on the recipient but also the planet.

Last updated: 12 December 2023

With the rising cost of living, New Zealanders are coming up with creative ways to spread holiday joy without spending too much. 

Kiwi are discovering the charm of preloved presents, making Christmas both easier on their wallet and on the planet. 

According to our recent survey, which involved 5,000 participants from New Zealand, a staggering 72 per cent of Kiwi are considering giving preloved gifts this year. This marks a 20 per cent increase compared to last Christmas.

It isn’t always easy to come up with Christmas gift ideas but we have a handy guide below.

1. Vintage treasures for your partner

Surprise your loved one with a unique piece of jewellery

When it comes to gift giving it is all about quality over quantity and when buying for your partner it's really important to show them that you know them well. Our survey showed that people find their partner the hardest person to buy gifts for! 

A number one tip for buying your partner a gift is to see what they already have and what they already use. Are they a fan of jewellery? Why not give them a unique piece of secondhand jewellery? Do they collect vintage ornaments, do a quick search on our site. Show your partner that they are top of the list this year by picking something thoughtful.

2. Christmas gifts for kids

Consider gifting board games, puzzles or the classic stuffed teddy bear to children.

When it comes to purchasing Christmas gifts for children, it can be challenging due to their unique personalities. As they continue to grow, their preferences and needs evolve, making it difficult to keep up. This year, children ranked second as the most difficult to buy for, so it's common to feel a bit lost when deciding on the perfect gift. A good starting point is to consider options such as board games, puzzles, or a collection of beloved pre-owned children's books. If those choices don't appeal to you, Squishmallows have emerged as one of the top toys this year and we have a guide to help you to pick the right one for your child.

3. Tech savvy

Don't forget the tech

Technology is consistently a highly sought-after option during the Christmas season, as Kiwi desire to have the most up-to-date gadgets. Rather than purchasing items that are completely new, consider delving into our collection of previously loved or refurbished treasures. Whether you're in need of a smartphone or a smartwatch, you can discover devices that have been well-maintained at a significantly reduced cost. 

Additionally, don't overlook the opportunity to acquire preloved appliances, such as a coffee maker, to help you get up early for Santa.

4. Fashion

Is your significant other needing a new purse or wanting a classic leather jacket? Trade Me is a treasure trove for fashionable and vintage clothing items. 

If your partner has expensive preferences but you're trying to save money, consider purchasing a secondhand designer bag or get some one-of-a-kind vintage designer.  There is a selection of high-end products at a significantly lower price compared to in stores.

5. Home decor

Consider antique furniture, vintage artwork, or even some retro kitchenware. These pieces not only add character to a home but also carefully curated to fit your loved ones style to show you care.

By exploring the world of preloved gifts onsite, you not only find thoughtful and unique presents but help reduce waste and participate in the circular economy. Not only will the gift have a lasting effect on your recipient but the planet, and your wallet.


Sophie Graham
Sophie Graham
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