Top 10 toys for Kiwi kids this Christmas

This year’s top toys make the perfect Christmas gifts for kids.

Last updated: 28 October 2023

Kiwi kids are going to be helping building bots and dreamhouses, nurturing magical creatures, and grooming plush pets, according to our top picks for toys for Christmas 2023.

We’ve looked at national and international toys for kids trends, combined with the top searches on Trade Me, to predict the Christmas presents that kids are going to love this year.

1. Make It Real - Miniature Pottery Studio

For crafty 'tweens, the miniature pottery studio is set to be the number one toy for Christmas wish lists for 2023. Inspired by a viral TikTok trend, this kit offers a mess-free way for kids to try to create ten different ceramic pieces using quick-dry clay and with their own spinning wheel.

No need for expensive classes and the hassle of cleaning up... pottery has never been this accessible!

2. Barbie Make Your Own Dreamhouse

It's no surprise that Barbie mania has translated into Christmas gifts for kids this year after Greta Gerwig's box office hit. Barbie's Dream House was an iconic part of the movie and now kids can bring their own dream home to life with this two story DIY kit which includes a range of stickers for budding designers to decorate each space to their liking.

Easy and fun to build - your child can make their own two-story Barbie Dreamhouse!

3. Little Live Pets - Mama Surprise

Last year's favourite, the Little Live Pets Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts was a hit, but this year the range has been taken up a notch with the 'Mama's Surprise' toy. After giving proper care to a mama guinea pig, she reveals three baby guinea pigs - turning one toy into four!

Mama Surprise takes caring for your pet to a whole new level!

4. Cookeez Makery Oven

Keen bakers may want to create their own plush toys with the magic Cookeez Oven. Using dough and magic ingredients, kids can make their own soft animal by baking the dough in the oven. After 90 seconds, the dough has transformed into a furry friend and it even comes out smelling like fresh baked goods.

Give your child the gift of joy with Cookery Makery Baked Treatz Oven! Bake their Xmas day!

5. Build-a-Bot Grasshopper

The ultimate toy for the future inventors! Build a Bot takes learning and robotics to the next level by allowing your child to build and personalise their very own character. Simply build, customise and play with a simple click 'n' create system, decorate with pretty stickers and then switch it on and watch how the electronic motor brings your kids bug to life! For more inspiration to teach your kids through play, you'll find heaps of fun educational toys on Trade Me.

Easy to make and your kids can even add their own personal touches!

6. Music Crawling Crab

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for toddlers and kids alike, check out the Crawling Crab toy with music and LED lights. This great value toy is a cute crab and has bright colours that will fascinate and intrigue kids easily. Children run with the crab, which is useful for developing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, what a bonus!

With built-in sensors, this clever crab can detect things in front of it and avoid obstacles!

7. Harry Potter Tamagotchi

Nostalgia from the 90s has helped reboot some older toys like the Tamagotchi. which has made a come-back since it was first released over 15 years ago, what a throw back! Interact with magical creatures from the wizarding world like never before with the Harry Potter Tamagotchi Nano! It's up to your child to nurture these magical creatures by feeding them, petting them and playing four different fun mini-games.

The gift that's up the top of every Harry Potter fans Christmas wish list!

8. Star Wars Lego Stormtrooper

Our top ten Christmas gifts for kids wouldn't be complete without the most popular toy, Lego. Lego is a timeless favourite loved by all ages, and Star Wars Lego is a top contender in searches on Trade Me, so it's definitely a crowd-pleaser. If Star Wars isn't up their alley, there are plenty of other Lego sets to explore.

An awesome Christmas gift for kids aged 6 and over!

9. Hasbro Twister Air

Another fantastic choice for the whole whanau is Twister Air, now with the added feature of a virtual spin. Forget the slippery mat - in this version, players wear wristbands and swipe at colours using an app on a screen. While it might not challenge balance like the original, it's still a bit of a workout as players have to race each other to move their arms and feet quickly to match the colours. If Twister Air isn't for you, we have so many party and board games for the whole family to enjoy on Trade Me.

No mat? That's right! Take moves from the mat to the screen with the Twister Air Game!

10. Squishmallow

The most comforting toy of all and a must have on all kids’ Christmas wish lists is the ever popular Squishmallow, we heard big kids love them too! This international best seller has over 1,000 different characters to collect, and, with their marshmallow soft texture and lovable looks it’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular kids Chirtmast gifts this year.

Squishy and delightful, you’ll probably want to buy one for yourself too!

It’s as important as ever to be organised this Christmas. Lots of the top toys for kids often sell out before December rolls around so to avoid disappointment on the big day, get shopping, quick.

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