Top 10 classic toys that have stood the test of time

Remember the toys you loved as a kid? Good news – they’re still around today. Better news – they still delight!

Last updated: 22 May 2023

You’re sure to recognise the gifts in this round up of timeless kids' toys. Whether the games and puzzles you loved as a kid have received a fresh lick of paint or remain exactly as you remember them – these gifts have delighted children for decades!

Join us on a trip down memory lane and get inspired by the classic toys that have stood the test of time.

1. A new bike

A new bike makes the top of our list because it's so much more than a toy. Most of us will remember frantically unwrapping that new set of wheels, and riding our bikes without training wheels for the first time.

There's a style for every rider - from balance bikes, trikes, and cool mountain bikes too. We particularly love 2-in-1 balance bikes which easily convert from a tricycle to single-wheel. Whether it’s their first-ever bicycle or simply time for an upgrade – the gift of a bike is (and probably always will be) a timeless delight.

Is there anything more special than unwrapping a bike?

2. A trampoline

Trampolines build confidence, strength, social skills… and adults still love ‘em too! A well-made trampoline will stand the test of time, so if you have the space make sure you choose a large enough size that your kids will grow into. If you don't happen to have a big lawn - no worries. We have a range of sizes to suit, right down to mini trampolines for the youngest jumpers!

If you're looking to inject new life into your existing trampoline then jump on-site and find accessories from basketball hoops, slides and even hoverboards.

Of course, this gift won’t fit under the Christmas tree - the frantic night before construction is pretty much a parenting rite of passage...and can also be the source of a decent dose of frustration!

Who says you can’t get involved with the trampolining fun?


LEGO is always a winner under the tree and with the absolutely huge range we have on-site you'll find the perfect kit or mini figure no matter who it's for or what their interests are (not to mention how old they might be too!).

Every time your child is immersed or ‘lost’ in an activity, they’re developing their ability to focus. From the Harry Potter range to Women of Nasa, the perfect LEGO kits to keep every kid engaged absolutely exists.

Use keywords such as ‘3-in-1’, ‘LEGO Technic’, ‘Duplo’ or the timeless classic 'Star Wars' to find LEGO that’s suited to your childs’ age, abilities and interests!

And don’t forget a LEGO mat!

4. An instrument

A musical instrument that starts off as a toy in a stocking stuffer might just become a life-long hobby for that music-loving kid of yours – so choose carefully!

A harmonica, xylophone or brightly-coloured ukulele are great for introducing children to music as they’re easy to create sound with (and relatively cheap).

Whether they gravitate to percussion, wind or strings – they’ll find their calling, and you’ll be able to gift them that super special instrument the following year.

Ready to start that family band?

5. A sandpit

Remember making moats? Filtering sand through the kitchen sieve? The sandpit has been a popular children’s activity since the mid 1800’s, thanks to the endless versatility of sand. Whether your child loves baking (mud pies!) or tractors (build a construction site!) – the only limit is their imagination.

We rate the range from Goslash. Some sandboxes feature plastic containers to keep toys and water nearby. Others have covers which conveniently fold into bench seats – some are even shaped like actual boats!

6. A space hopper

Who could forget the glee of jumping on their space hopper? If you don’t have space (or the budget) for a trampoline at home, a hopper ball might save the day.

If you remember the original design, you’ll recall an orange rubber ball with a cartoon kangaroo printed on the front. Today, the toy is essentially the same, but you’ll find ride-on moon hoppers in different colours, with some even shaped like giraffes, cows and more!

Humanity has yet to invent a more efficient transport system.

7. Old-school brain teasers

Small puzzles and brain teasers have long been the perfect activity to encourage solo play this summer (or create a healthy distraction on long roadtrips)!

We can’t go past the enduring Rubiks Cube – if they’ve cracked the 3 x 3, challenge them with the 4 x 4 or the 5 x 5. Otherwise, a Labyrinth Maze in the shape of a cube, sphere or wooden board will have them hooked for hours.

Our favourite retro puzzle has to be the Luban Lock. Once your child has cracked the code, celebrate their efforts by displaying it in your home – this wooden puzzle wouldn’t look out of place on the family shelf.

8. A Pogo Stick

Alternatively, if we’re talking bouncy business – the faithful pogo stick is still going strong.

The design is much safer these days, and you can even find foam bungee jumpers for tiny tykes with extra energy.

Pogo sticks make for hours of endless fun.

9. Etch A Sketch

Whether you called it a Megasketcher, an Etch A Sketch or Magnadoodle, these magnetic drawing boards have serious nostalgic vibes.

Unlike the sketchboard you may have had as a kid, their drawings can now feature different colours thanks to multi-coloured backgrounds or improved magnet technology! Pretty mag-nificent.

10. Double-player games

If you’ve got more than one kid to please, our top two-player classics would have to be knucklebones, UNO and Swing Ball. Remember whacking that tennis ball as hard as you could as it swung around the pole? It was the sound of a kiwi summer!

We all know Monopoly is best with at least three players (and it can take ages to finish). If you haven’t heard of Monopoly Deal, you’ve got another thing coming) world. It’s a fast and fun alternative version in card form that two players can enjoy.

It doesn’t get more classic than this.

In a world where it’s hard to compete with the allure of screens, these quality, nostalgic kids toys are sure to bring a bit of old-school cheer to your home this year.

Whatever magic you want to bring to the kids in your life this year, we have you sorted. Check out our awesome range of kids toys and get that gift sussed today.

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