Squishmallows NZ buying guide

In the world of soft toys, collecting your own Squishmallow Kingdom has become the latest craze for Kiwi kids.

Last updated: 16 November 2023

Even if the name doesn’t fully register, chances are you’ve crossed paths with Squishmallows. They’re practically omnipresent — at petrol stations, supermarkets, bookshops, and of course, on Trade Me. 

In the world of cuddly toys, Squishmallows have become the MVPs — and for good reason. Firstly, they’re incredibly soft. It’s almost like hugging a cloud that can hug you back. But there’s more to it. Each Squishmallow comes with a unique personality and name with over 1000 to choose from. And just like Pokémon cards back in the day, collecting your own Squishmallow Kingdom has become the latest craze. 

Where did Squishmallows come from?

They were designed by Sunny Cho, who worked for the toy company KellyToys. The first official Squishmallows 'squad' or collection was released in 2017 and was made up of eight different characters: Cam the Cat, Wendy the Frog, Fifi the Fox, Hans the Hedgehog, Piper and Puff the Penguins, and Hoot and Holly the Owls.

Initially, they were somewhat tricky to find and were mainly sold in amusement parks or specialist shops. However, their popularity skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, as people shared their collections on social media and found comfort in hugging these soft toys.

Today, Squishmallows are sold in 50 countries around the world and the Squishmallows hashtag on TikTok has been viewed more than five billion times — more than the latest dance trend.

Types of Squishmallows in NZ

Whether you're looking for a cuddle buddy, travel companion, or pocket-sized friend, here are the most popular Squishmallow types to choose from:

Standard Squishmallows

These are the OGs of the Squishmallow world. They come in various sizes, from the compact 3.5-inch ones to the substantial 24-inch giants. What sets them apart is their versatility — perfect for snuggling, cuddling, or simply using as a comfy pillow. 

See our range of standard Squishmallows here.

Clip-on Squishmallows

These are the go-anywhere, do-anything Squishmallows. With a handy clip, you can attach them to backpacks, bags, or even your keys. They're the ultimate travel companions, making sure you've always got a touch of squishiness wherever you go.

Browse clip-on Squishmallows here. 


Think of Squishville as the Squishmallow cityscape. These miniature Squishmallows are perfect for imaginative play, fitting comfortably in dollhouses or creating an entire Squishmallow metropolis. They're like pocket-sized friends for your little one's big adventures.

Buy Squishville characters here.


If you thought Squishmallows couldn't get any cuter, think again. Micromallows are even smaller versions, making them ideal for tiny hands and easy portability. They're like adorable little treasures, perfect for collecting or tucking into pockets.


These Squishmallows have a little extra flair. With a unique hair tuft on top, they're like the trendsetters of the Squishmallow world. They add a touch of personality and style to your plush collection.

Browse Squish-Doos here.


For those who love a bit of texture, Fuzz-A-Mallows are where it's at. With a fuzzy, soft exterior, they offer a different tactile experience compared to the standard models. It's like giving your squishy friend a cosy sweater!

See our range of Fuzz-A-Mallows here.


Think of these Squishmallows as having a surprise up their sleeves. With reversible designs, they offer double the fun. Flip them over for a whole new Squishmallow friend with a different personality or look.

Browse Flip-A-Mallow listings here.


These Squishmallows are not just for hugging; they're for building! With their stackable design, they're like the building blocks of your plush collection. Stack them up and create your very own Squishmallow tower.

See our stackable Squishmallow's here.

Hug Mees

If you want a Squishmallow that's all about the hugs, look no further. Hug Mees are designed with extra-long arms, making them perfect for wrapping around you in a warm, fuzzy embrace. They're like the cuddle experts of the Squishmallow world.
Browse our Hug Mees here.

Squeeze Mallows

These Squishmallows are all about sensory satisfaction. With a slightly different texture, they provide a unique squishing experience. They're like the stress balls of the Squishmallow family, perfect for relieving a little tension.

See all the Squeeze Mallows here. 


As the name suggests, these Squishmallows are made for cuddling. With their extra plushy bodies and irresistibly soft material, they're like the cloud nine of cuddle buddies. They're perfect for those moments when you just need a little extra comfort.

Find the perfect Squishmallow cuddler here.


If you're after a Squishmallow that's big on snuggles, Hugmallows are the way to go. These oversized plushies are practically made for sprawling out and getting cosy. They're like your own personal comfort oasis in the world of plush toys.

Browse the best Hugmallow options here. 

More Squishmallow considerations

Before you choose the perfect plush companion, let’s dive into some other key Squishmallow options that will make you more confident:


Squishmallows come in a range of sizes, from pocket-sized Micromallows to the extra-large Hugmallows. Consider where your child will be enjoying their new cuddly friend. If it's for on-the-go adventures, a clip-on or small Squishmallow might be perfect. For cosying up at home, a standard or larger size might be just the ticket.


Squishmallows are known for being reasonably priced, making them a fantastic option for gifting. Keep an eye out for special deals and bundles on Trade Me to make the most of your budget. You'll be surprised at the quality you can get without breaking the bank.

Animal types

Squishmallows offer a zoo's worth of options! From cuddly cats to lovable llamas, there's an animal Squishmallow to suit everyone. Consider your child's favourite animals or any specific interests they have.

View Squishmallow animals on Trade Me.

Special themes

Holiday-themed Squishmallows bring an extra touch of magic to special occasions. Whether it's a festive Christmas design or an adorable Easter bunny, these Squishmallows add a seasonal flair to your child's collection. 

Keep an eye out for limited-edition holiday Squishmallows on Trade Me.

Scented Squishmallows

These plushies come with a gentle, comforting scent that adds an extra layer of cosiness to snuggle time. Perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere for your child.

Find scented Squishmallows on Trade Me here. 

Collector's items

Limited edition releases, retired classics, exclusive retailer drops and international exclusives are the crown jewels of any Squishmallow collection. If you or your child are avid collectors, keep an eye out for these special editions on Trade Me.

See exclusive Squishmallow listings here. 

Squeeze the day, every day.

Making teddy bears green with envy, we think Squishmallows are the new ‘it’ toy for both kids and collectors. Fortunately, you can easily find all the best Squishmallows on Trade Me, making collecting super easy — and affordable.

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