14 Secret Santa gifts that are actually cool

From the funny to the touching, these secret santa gifts are sure to be winners.

Last updated: 30 October 2023

Ah, it’s that magical time of year when Secret Santa comes jingling out of the woodworks!

Whether it’s in your office, among your friends or with family, Secret Santa is a fun way of gifting, but one that can be tricky if you’re paired with someone you don't know well, or your budget is tight.

Not to worry, we’re here to get you in the Christmas spirit with these Secret Santa gifts ideas.

Secret santa gift ideas for $15 and under

1. Smart bulbs

This next gift idea feels like a light bulb moment, literally! Smart bulbs have become increasingly popular as an easy way to add some smart tech or lighting design to homes - simply screw in and your techy friend will be good to go with changing lighting colours from an app on their phone.

2. Waterproof speaker

There’s nothing better than singing in the shower (who’s with us?) and a waterproof speaker makes the perfect companion. Suctioning right onto a shower or bathroom wall, this wee device will have the Christmas tunes blasting for your music-loving mate.

There are heaps of fun and quirky key rings on Trade Me.

3. A key ring

You’ll find plenty of fun and quirky keyrings on Trade Me for under $15. Look for something that matches your giftee's personality or interests. For example, perhaps they’re a cartoon nut, or maybe they love animals, this practical Secret Santa gift will allow them to express that.

4. Strawberry popcorn

A tasty treat never goes amiss and this one has us hungry. Give the foodie or green thumb in your life some strawberry popcorn seeds to grow their own striking ruby red corn. Delish!

$20 and under

Unwind and relax with the ultimate secret santa gift!

5. Aroma diffusers

Got a friend or family member who’s a lover of essential oils? An aroma diffuser is the perfect secret Santa gift. This present will allow them to enjoy their favourite scents wafting through their homes, an ideal way to come home after a long day at work.

6. Crystal facial roller

By the time Christmas rolls around, we could all use some relaxation. One Secret Santa gift that’s all about that is a crystal facial roller. Popular with skin routines or even used as an instant cool-down straight from the fridge, this Secret Santa gift would roll you right into the good books this summer.

Acupuncture mats are the Secret Santa gift that keep on giving.

7. Acupressure mat

Nope, this isn’t a torture device - quite the opposite in fact! The spikes on an acupressure mat are said to do wonders for back pain and feel like a massage. A primo relaxation station for your giftee.

Got a friend who could handle these snacks?

8. Eat Crawlers

Got a foodie friend you think could do with a thrill this holiday season? The enticing range from Eat Crawlers onsite could be wriggling under your tree - from chocolate-coated tarantulas and scorpion lollipops to teriyaki mealworms their range is wild! Mmmmm crunchy!

Your Secret Santa gift could do a world of good.

9. Kindness Store

Near and dear to our hearts is the Kindness Store: a wonderful spot on Trade Me where Kiwi can buy items to help our tamariki stay warm and fed with KidsCan, give someone a Safe Night with Women’s Refuge, or support foster children who need a bit of love with Foster Hope.

Simply pick, click, and ‘Give now’ – we’ll suss all the rest! There are plenty of options under $20 that work perfectly to gift on someone’s behalf and that will have a real impact on Kiwi lives.

Secret Santa gift ideas for $30 and under

10. Mad Millie kits

Mad Milie is all about hands-on food and drinks preparation. So, if you have a friend who can’t get enough of popular drinks like kombucha and ginger beer, why not gift them the ability to make their own, in the comfort of their home?

11. Bananagrams

One Secret Santa gift that isn’t monkeying around is Bananagrams – this one came to play! The anagram game has players racing each other to create crossword grids and use up their tiles. A winner for all ages.

A nature lover will love this Secret Santa gift.

12. Flower press

Dried flowers are having a moment and one way to bring that moment home is with a flower press! A great Secret Santa gift for a nature lover, those starting a collection, or for a family with kids, it’ll have your giftee stopping to smell the roses.

13. Solar power bank

We’re all gearing up for a stunner of a summer – and a solar power bank is sure to come in handy on many adventures. These beauties soak up the sun and can charge your devices while you’re on the move or at a camp, a helpful gift indeed.

14. Books to help learn te reo Māori

Have a friend who’s looking to improve their reo? Hēmi Kelly has written some fantastic books which are great for linguists of all levels to build up their skills and confidence by learning a word or phrase of te reo Māori a day.

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