Christmas decorations set to sleigh this year

From boho trees to Happy Meal decorations, these holiday decoration trends promise a twist on the traditional.

Annnnd it’s November. Dust off the baubles and start detangling those fairy lights, we’re finally good to go with making everything merry and bright. Here are the Christmas decorating trends we’ve been itching to try...

Dark academia

Hold fire on putting away the Harry Potter Halloween costumes just yet, this decoration style could be the moody moment for you. 

‘Dark academia’ may have made its mark as a style this year but it draws from the 19th Century. Think leather-bound books, Scottish castles, autumnal tones with lots of blacks, bitter coffee, and a dash of victorian pizzazz.

If Santa in a cloak isn’t quite your speed then you can achieve this poet look for your Christmas tree through vintage ribbons, antique trinkets, folding sheet music fans, and even stacking up some of the parent’s Britannica’s. 

Wrap presents in brown kraft paper with red wax stamp finishes, add a bit of tartan to your special day outfit and you’ll be giving Hogwarts a run for their money.


Love the bohemian style? Not to worry, here’s how to bring the sunshine and good vibes to your festive finishes. 

Ditch the green tree and switch things up with a beautiful toetoe grass one like this DIY. Strings of dried flowers will bring in beautiful colours and can be deconstructed later to work in your home all year round.

Other dreamy natural touches could include a seagrass basket in lieu of a tree skirt, wooden bead garlands, or some Christmas-themed beeswax candles (just be careful where you light them!) 

If you’re in the crafty mood then take this style a step further by trying out the baking soda paint hack that went viral earlier this year on baubles, for a terracotta pottery look on the cheap.

Plants over pressies

We couldn’t forget the houseplant fans – it’s been your year! Make your Christmas tree the real deal this jolly season by dressing up one of the plant babies. The bigger the better and Fiddle Leaf Figs, Monsteras, and Olive trees are right at the top of our wishlist. 

Seed lights are sure to be gentle on leafy limbs and provide a beautiful glow while chalk plant labels make the perfect spot for a cheeky holiday message. 

Miniature ornaments could create a real show stopper (there are even musical pigs!) while down below, a change of pot might welcome seasonal cheer and prep your botanical beauty for growth in the new year.


2021 has seen retro trends come back that were maaaaybe a bit questionable even the first time around (we're looking at you 2000’s flame board shorts and low rise jeans) but we’re ready to run with the nostalgic when it comes to Christmas. 

Snow globes always bring a bit of aquatic mystery and are the perfect fit for someone looking to start a holiday collection that can be added to each year. Careful when you shake though, you may just have an investment piece on your hands with some Disney snow globes going for big bucks.

How to top a tree topper? We say set aside the angel or star and get groovy with a disco ball. These 70’s stunners are sure to make the most out of your Christmas lights and will get the whole family dancing after the big dinner, queue Dave Dobyn. 

Tie ribbon onto McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys, Tamagotchi, Furbys, or Rubik’s cubes and you’ve got a 90’s themed ornament hack on your hands – one that’s sure to have all the kids (big kids included) joining in dressing up the tree. Troll dolls for ‘elf on the shelf’ anyone?

Dried orange garlands

If you’re pining after cottage core or a woodsey aesthetic then a dried orange garland could provide the zest your holiday decor needs. For this one, all you need is 4-6 oranges, jute string, and an oven – though we’re sure someone will be giving the air fryer a crack!

Thinly slice your oranges so you can see all the segments and lay them out on a covered baking tray. Bake for 3-4 hours at 175°c, checking every 45 minutes until the slices are completely dehydrated. Slow and steady wins the race with this one, though a burnt garland could be very Dark Academia. 

Once cool, thread each piece with the jute (tying knots in between to prevent sliding) and you’re done! Adding cinnamon quills, parts of a vanilla bean or dried bay leaf to your thread can bring visual variety and will have the room smelling delish.


If you’re looking for a Christmas that’s a bit gentler on the earth there are lots of great ways to go about it. Buying pre-loved can give items a second chance while not compromising on quality – and hey, it ain’t bad on the budget either! That’s a win-win. 

Wrapping gifts in fabric can cut down on waste by making things reusable or can even give an extra personal touch if you go with a shirt or scarf your recipient might love. 

Creating your tree from stacked secondhand books will serve eclectic decoration while being a very convenient excuse to nab some summer reads. Embracing the kitsch with vintage holiday treasures is also an easy way to whip up some charm.

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