25 fantastic foodie gifts

From trending must-haves to gifts you didn't know existed – these food-inspired gifts will suit any foodie’s taste!

Last updated: 11 September 2023

For the foodie who loves to entertain

With these delicious ideas, you'll see many more dinner parties popping up on your social calendar!

      1. Cheese board set

      For a brie-lliant gift idea, find a cheese board that doubles on function. Some cheese boards hold a bottle of wine, these ones come with matching cheese knives and others swivel! To really wow a cheese lover, check out the full range of cheese serving accessories from Boska

      Some are available with matching cleavers hidden in mini drawers. The beautifully boxed cheese knife sets by Andre Verdier also make a great gift on their own.

      2. A recipe journal

      Gift them a beautiful journal for recording their favourite recipes, or combine these blank recipe cards with a quaint storage box for safekeeping. 

      For a thoughtful touch, include a handwritten recipe of your own!

      3. A pizza oven

      These clay pizza ovens are the perfect present for pizza lovers – this gift’s got wow factor for an affordable cost. 

      Whether they enjoy making pizza or eating pizza (but probably both), don’t forget a paddle peel!

      4. A wine fridge

      What’s more satisfying to a foodie than food? Fine wine, of course! Say cheers to the oenophile in your life with a wine fridge – they’ll adore having their favourite sauvignons on show.

      5. A cocktail making set

      Now that’s the spirit! There’s no shortage of stainless steel cocktail makers onsite for the merry mixologist in your life. 

      If they’re a little old-fashioned, splash out on a stylish drinks trolley and hand-select the accessories like these gold shakers or copper strainers.

      For the foodie who loves to cook

      Food is better when you have the right tools for the job. Kit out your foodie with these must-have cooking accessories! 

      6. A boos block

      Endorsed by Gordon Ramsay himself, the Boos Block is the best board for preparing food and preserving knife edges. Plus, they look b-e-a-utiful. 

      On the flip side, the Joseph Joseph folio range is dishwasher safe and colour-coded – practical as.

      7. A kitchen torch

      With a culinary torch, everything in sight is fair game for caramelization! From crème brûlée to blow-torched peppers and melted cheese… Hold on a hot second, this gift might be better suited to you.

      8. Tortilla warmers

      They’ll love how these cute cloth warmers keep their tortillas, pancakes and bread warm while they’re cooking (and enjoying) their meal! Not only are they a practical gift, but these insulated pouches will also pretty up any dining table.

      9. A chef’s knife

      Treat them to a beautiful blade – Japanese brand Yaxell, Victorinox or the ever-coveted Smeg are the cutting-edge brands we recommend. 

      Alternatively, the Scanpan range is great quality for a smaller price point – you can find a colourful spectrum or steak knife set from Home Essentials.

      10. Sous vide immersion cooker

      The single best gift to remove all guesswork for the keen cook in your life. These handy gadgets cook food in temperature controlled water, for gourmet results every time.

      11. Portable BBQs

      For foodies that love adventure, a portable barbeque is the perfect treat for feasts on the go. Roasting an entire chicken from the boot of their car is not only possible, it’s super easy with this lean, mean barbecuing machine. 

      The Weber Baby Q is our favourite!

      For the fast foodie

      Your food will have masterpieces whipped up in no time with these speedy tools! 

      12. An appliance that makes eating even easier

      Between bread makers and meat grinders, pasta machines and air fryers – handy kitchen appliances are ace gifts for those foodies that enjoy eating their food more than they enjoy preparing it…

      13. Child-safe utensil set

      A set of kid-friendly kitchen tools will speed up the cooking time for time-poor foodie in your life. In safely delegating to their budding sous-chef, these child-safe knives are as much a gift for them as it is their mini kitchen aid!

      14. A chopula

      More than a spatula, better than a blade. Enter: The Chopula. It’s a spatula you can chop with, it’s fast and it’s genius.

      15. An oxo chopper

      They’ll be stoked when they open this gift and realise they’ll never need to spend time dicing or slicing garlic again. You’ll find both manual and electric choppers onsite – we rate the rechargeable models.

      For the foodie who loves to make everything from scratch

      There is no better feeling than knowing every step and ingredient that went into your food creation. Delight your foodie with these fun food gifts!

      16. A Mad Millie kit

      Encourage their DIY streak with a make-your-own kit from Mad Millie. There are kits for kombucha, kefir, yoghurt, cheese and sourdough as well as limoncello, ginger beer and gin. 

      Don’t forget to gift the appropriate jars, moulds and accessories for their new experiment, too.

      17. Mortar and pestle

      An ancient tool used since the Stone Age, a mortar and pestle is a beautiful gift for the friend or family member who cooks it old-school. They’ll love grinding herbs and spices or nuts and seeds to create their own seasonings and spice blends. 

      Select a style that suits them and it’s sure to take pride of place on their cooktop.

      18. A smart garden

      The only thing better to a foodie than fresh herbs are ones they’ve grown themselves! Gift ‘em a mini garden like this smart compact hydroponic system which will even remind them when to add water. No green thumb? No problem!

      19. Oyster mushroom grow kit

      Oyster mushrooms are the ultimate play-thing for all food-lovers. Not only is growing them immensely satisfying, they add a rich flavour and texture to meals. 

      A delicious meat substitute, this makes a thoughtful present for vegetarians and vegan foodies too.

      Secret santa-approved gifts for foodies

      If you got paired with a 'foodie' for your secret santa match, these gifts are seriously cool and will be sure to make your recipient smile! 

      20. Food huggers

      These cute little silicone food-savers keep halved fruits and veggies fresh for longer – a neat gift for the eco-conscious foodie.

      21. A recipe or specialty book

      Find a thoughtful gift for less than $25 bucks by browsing our range of recipe books – just type in a keyword to narrow your search and personalise your find. 

      We love Free the Tipple: Kickass Cocktails Inspired by Iconic Women and Brew from Scratch: Slow Down, Make Beer.

      22. Wireless thermometer

      The ideal gift for an easily-distracted foodie, a wireless meat thermometer enables the monitoring of meat from after.

      23. A frother

      Foamy coffees at home are less than 60 seconds away with this helpful handheld tool – a small and simple gift coffee-fanatic’s will froth over.

      24. Knife sharpener

      There’s nothing worse to a foodie than a blunt knife! A compact little sharpener is the practical present everyone needs, but for some reason, no-one seems to have!

      25. Wine aerator

      These crafty little decanters oxygenate wine in an instant, so it can be enjoyed just as the winemaker intended. 

      All this food talk making you hungry? Fortunately, you’ll get to enjoy these goodies yourself too, because as we all know – food is best enjoyed when shared!

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