Top 10 fun homeware gifts under $100

If you’re at a loss for ideas, look no further than this epic list of 10 fun and quirky homeware gifts.

Wondering what to buy the person who has everything? That one family member you can never seem to please? Or that colleague you know literally nothing about but you’re their secret Santa and now you’re low-key panicking?

All items on this list ship from New Zealand and come in at under $100. They’re affordable, fun and scream wow factor. Read on for this year’s ultimate gifting guide.

1. Neck fan

A must-have for a hot, dry summer. This personal neck fan is sure to stop that overheating-prone friend from complaining about the heat.

Or if they prefer to be the centre of attention and cool themselves in a more dramatic fashion, a hand fan will serve well, while your friend SERVES 💅

2. Stainless steel ice cube set

This is a must for anyone who enjoys drinking anything other than water. Who on earth wants ice cubes to water down their Coke, rosé, cocktail? Not us! If you know someone who does, stop trusting them immediately.

These stainless steel ice cubes will save the day. Leave these baddies in the freezer for a few hours, and they'll perfectly chill your beverage of choice without sacrificing the flavour you love. Stainless steel is easy to keep clean, making them a good alternative to water-filled plastic cubes.

3. Quicksand painting

If you know someone who needs a bit of serenity and calm in your life – get them this.

Quicksand paintings use gravity and sand to give create dynamic art that never looks the same twice. Once all the sand has fallen to the bottom, simply flip it over and start again!

Basic ones are great where there's plenty of natural light. Some other models are available with backlighting and automatic rotation, too!

4. Decorative neon sign

We all have a friend who needs some good vibes – or maybe they are the good vibes! Whichever one they are, this is the gift for them!

Coming in at less than $60, this vibey "Good vibes" neon light is sure to create create some smiles on Christmas Day, and some great mood lighting. Also available in other configurations for those who might prefer shapes, or swear words.

It can be hung on the wall or placed by a bedside, to create an idyllic and tranquil vibe in any room.

5. Portable blender

Yeah, it's summer! What better way to stay cool than a sweet ice cold smoothie! These portable blenders are the perfect gift for your fitspo friend who's always on the go.

Throw in your favourite fruits and berries, and some ice, and you've got yourself a refreshing, tasty and healthy smoothie to keep you nourished and hydrated.

6. Mini Smart Garden

If you’re stumped for a gift, give them a smart one.

This mini hydroponic garden requires no soil and has a clever reminder to let you know when to add more water – this changes the game for apartment dwellers, people who have minimal gardening experience, and people who love their fresh herbs for cooking and cocktails (which is basically everyone).

They’ll never have to buy those short-life, packaged herbs from the supermarket again.

7. Egg frying rings

From young adults leaving home for the first time to your other half who somehow always fails to cook an egg – an egg fryer ring is a thoughtful, fun and unexpected gift for the tree this year. They’re available in packs of two or four.

Bonus – these frying rings make forming crumpets, patties, pancakes and fritters a breeze, making them perfect for the foodie in your life. Don’t forget to check out this list of 25 foodie-inspired gift ideas to cater to their hard-to-please taste buds.

8. Ceramic vase

If that person on your list is impossible to buy for because they’re just so gosh darn special… a gosh darn special gift it must be, and the range of vases from NuHomes are just that.

Handmade in New Zealand, you’ll find modern contemporary shapes, ancient faces and unique, abstract faces. While a physical gift will never compare to their awesomeness, a vase that’s as unique as them is a foolproof pressie.

9. Portable cutlery set

Because most of us can’t stand the fact that single-use cutlery is still a thing, a portable cutlery set is sure to impress your aunt/nephew/flatmate/all of the above – this Christmas.

From bamboo to wheat straw – the portable cutlery sets on site are packaged in convenient, easy-to-travel pouches or cases to make picnics, festivals, and lunchtime takeaways kinder on the planet.

For those who love their cocktails but hate the plastic straws – include one of these telescopic straws from Avanti – the cute pastel coloured case can attach to their keychain. Genius!

10. Monstera

Ah. The king of indoor plants, and based on how much established ones go for – a worthy investment, too!

Grab a Monstera cutting – when they’re small, you’ll find them cheap and you can’t beat a gift that increases in value as it grows in size! Watching it grow from a tiny cutting to a large home decor piece makes this gift all the more special for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life.

If you only end up spending a couple of dollars on a cutting, include a sleek indoor watering can, a coir support stake, or get crafty decorating a second-hand pot for that sentimental touch.

If their home is already a houseplant jungle, check out these must-have items for plant-lovers.

Whether they’re hard-to-buy for because you’re stumped for ideas or because no material item will ever match their awesomeness, you’ll find a gift that’s as unique and special as them on this list. What’s better – you won’t break the bank!

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