Boyfriend gift guide: 10 gifts he'll love!

Stuck for gift ideas for your boyfriend? Check out our guide for some great gift ideas that he'll love.

Last updated: 19 October 2023

Coming up with gift ideas for boyfriends can be near impossible. Finding him the perfect gift can be hard, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. Whether it’s for his birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any other occasion, you want to surprise him with something he'll love.

But how do you find the best gift for your special man? With some research, creativity, and love, you can find the best gift for your boyfriend that suits his personality, interests, hobbies, and preferences. Our boyfriend gift ideas will make finding him the perfect gift easy!

Before you start browsing:

  • Think about what he likes and needs.
  • Be creative and original.
  • Don’t break the bank – gifts don't need to be expensive to be thoughtful.

With those in mind, you're ready to start shopping! We've got a list of great gift ideas that your boyfriend will love.

If you're a fitspo power couple, a fitness watch will help him track his progress.

1. Fitness watch

If your boyfriend loves getting active, a fitness watch is guaranteed to hit the mark. He can track his workouts, runs, heart rate and calories burned πŸ”₯

Not only can he track his fitness, many models also have smartwatch functionality and can extend the functionality of his phone. There are a bunch of options available to suit any budget. From Fitbit models with basic tracker-only functions and notification support, right through to full-blown smartwatches from the likes of Samsung and Apple.

Bonus: with notifications on his wrist, he's more likely to see your texts!

Help him get his swagger on with some stylish sunnies.

2. Sunglasses

If he loves spending time outdoors or has a cool sense of style, sunglasses are a thoughtful gift idea for your boyfriend. Sunglasses can protect his eyes from harmful UV rays, reduce glare, and enhance his vision. Not to mention that the right pair can just make him that much sexier. Not that he needs it, of course.

Personal style can be tricky if your relationship is still early days, so take note of his fashion style to find something that will be a good match. Our tip: take him into a sunglasses shop next time you're out together and see what he tries on!

Keep him energised with a coffee machine.

3. Coffee maker

Who doesn't love a good coffee? If he's a coffee lover, a coffee maker will be the perfect gift to make sure he's always satisfied. At least in terms of caffeine 🫣

Nobody deserves instant. With a coffee maker, your boyfriend will be able to make top-notch coffee without having to leave the house, or even get dressed. A Nespresso machine is a great option if your crystal ball tells you you'll be the one cleaning up the grinds afterwards.

Granted, this will only work if he's a coffee drinker. If he's more of a tea guy, a teapot or infuser could make a great alternative!

If your man loves to work out, he'll love a massage gun.

4. Massage gun

A gift for the gym bunny, or someone who just loves a good massage. Either way, a massage gun is a great, practical gift that he'll love. Best of all, they're rechargeable so he can take it wherever he goes.

Many people find that massage guns can help ease muscle tension and help with recovery, making them a great gift for people who work out regularly. They can also be enjoyed by those with a more sedentary lifestyle – we're not here to judge!

A fragrance is a win-win. After all, you get to smell it!

5. Sexy fragrance

You have to smell him, so you should get some say, right? Yes. This is the perfect gift that you can both enjoy. He doesn't need to know that it's also for you though, as far as he's concerned, you're a thoughtful and loving partner who just got him a great gift!

Scents can be super personal, so have a think about what will complement his natural musk. Is he into something light and fruity, or does he prefer a heavier woody smell? There are so many options to choose from, so you're bound to find something that's perfect for him!

A weighted blanket can keep him comfy when you're busy girlbossing!

6. Weighted blanket

Does your boyfriend need that extra bit of relaxation? A weighted blanket could be the perfect gift idea for him! Keep him cozy even when you're not there – these can be super comforting. Weighted blankets are filled with tiny beads or pellets to make them heavier than normal blankets – providing gentle pressure on the body, creating a feeling of being hugged or cuddled.

Best of all, they make movie nights that much more special. Some say they can even keep your boyfriend comfy even when you're not there. We all need a break sometimes!

Keep your boyfriend calm, relaxed and warm for maximum sleepy time – he'll love it 😴

An AirTag is perfect for the losing things-prone boyfriend.

7. AirTag

Boyfriends love forgetting things. Whether it be their phone, keys, wallet or something you asked them to do literally 10 minutes ago. Sigh.

But we love them and we want to help them, which is why an Apple AirTag makes the perfect gift. Never again will he lose his important things – though we can't guarantee it'll sort out his selective hearing. They're super easy to set up and you can easily track your favourite items from the Find My app. Best of all, they have a long battery life of more than a year.

AirTags are made for iPhone but if he doesn't have one, don't worry, Tile has a great range of item trackers that work with both Android and iOS.

Who doesn't love a monstera?!

8. A house plant

There are two types of boyfriends. Those with no plants, and those with an obsessive collection. The former needs one, and the latter will never have enough – so you really can't go wrong.

A Monstera is a great classic. They're easy to care for and add a great green touch to any room. If flowers are more his thing, Dahlias are really trending on Trade Me right now! If he likes to cook (we are JEALOUS), some herb plants are sure to go down well.

While plants make great gifts, they're not so easy to wrap – so get creative!

Picture: The Kathmandu Amphi Pack β€” 16L. A great versatile option.

9. Kathmandu backpack

For the free-range boyfriend, a good backpack is a must. Whether he's an avid hiker or prefers smaller treks closer to home, he needs to be able to take the essentials with him.

Kathmandu has a fantastic range of quality backpacks for any occasion. The Pocket Lightweight has you covered for taking the basics on a day outing – at a very reasonable $49.98. The big boi that is the Karinjo Element Set will let you take a bunch more gear, perfect for hiking and camping adventures. For more options, check out their full range.

Star Wars fans will love these!

10. Lightsaber chopsticks

Surprise your boyfriend with a gift that's practical, fun, and a little bit different and quirky – Lightsaber chopsticks! These are the perfect present if he's a fan of Star Wars – and even if he's not, we reckon he'll still love them.

Bring some fun and light to his favourite noodle-based meals. These chopsticks light up with LEDs and come in a range of colours to match his favourite Star Wars character. Make your boyfriend feel like a Jedi or a Sith while eating his favourite meal! 🍜

No matter what your boyfriend loves, or the stage of your relationship, you're bound to find the perfect gift for him!

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