10 gift ideas for Mum that she'll love!

Need a gift for Mum? Look no further than our gift guide to help you find ideas for the perfect gift!

Last updated: 18 October 2023

Mums are special. They deserve to be pampered and appreciated daily, especially on special occasions like birthdays, Mother’s Day, or Christmas. If you’re looking for some great gifts for mum, you’ve come to the right place.

Our gifting experts have put together some gift ideas for Mum that will make her smile and feel loved. Whether you’re looking for something practical, sentimental, or fun, we have something for every mum and every budget. From jewellery to gardening tools, we have the perfect gifts for mum to suit her personality and interests. Discover some of our favourite gift ideas that will make Mum feel loved and appreciated.

Some things to bear in mind:

  • Match the gift to her personality and preferences.
  • Consider what she needs or wants right now.
  • Wrap the gift nicely and add a card or a note.

With those in mind, you're ready to start shopping! We've got a list of great gift ideas that Mum will love.

The Echo Dot delivers impressive sound for its small size.

1. Amazon Echo Dot

Looking for a cool tech gift for Mum? Look no further than the Echo Dot 5.

With just her voice, she can control other Alexa-enabled smart devices, play music, start a timer, set an alarm, get the weather forecast, convert measurements and so much more. Ask Alexa virtually any question, she'll even tell a joke or a story!

Multiple Amazon Echo speakers can also be paired together, to enjoy seamless music throughout the house. Best of all, one of these won't break the bank.

Help Mum keep her feet warm in winter with some cosy slippers.

2. Cosy slippers

Make Mum feel like a princess at home. With a good pair of slippers, she can keep her feet warm and cosy all year round.

You'll find something that's perfect for her – there's a great range of styles, sizes, and materials to choose from. Some of the most popular materials for slippers are wool, fleece, cotton, and faux fur. You can also find slippers that have extra features, such as memory foam, arch support, or anti-slip soles.

If you want to get her something quirkier, you can even get slippers shaped like sheep, cats, flamingos, or just about any animal you can think of. Or for a more artisan, handmade feel, you can get her some lovely knitted slippers.

Slippers are a practical and thoughtful gift that will make your mum feel pampered and oh-so-comfy!

Let Mum take her music with her with these great value earbuds.

3. Beats Studio Buds

Every mum needs a good pair of headphones or earbuds. With so many options to choose from, picking one can be a tricky task.

The Beats Studio Buds offer a great balance between value for money, sound quality and features. With active noise cancellation and up to 8 hours of listening time (and two additional charges with the case), Mum can block out the noise of the outside world when she's on the go. They're also super easy to set up, with one-touch pairing on iOS and Android devices.

Help Mum create a relaxing atmosphere at home with an aroma diffuser.

4. Aroma diffuser

If candles aren't quite her style, then an aroma diffuser is the perfect alternative. These machines are versatile and easy to use and can be put virtually anywhere in the house without an open flame.

Best of all, she can choose her own scents to diffuse, making it the ideal gift if you're not so confident about choosing the right aroma for her. Essential oils are a popular go-to, but infused water is also a great option.

An infuser water bottle is a simple yet thoughtful gift.

5. Infuser water bottle

Speaking of infused water, this infuser water bottle lets you take it with you on the go. Best of all, it requires virtually no prep time! Perfect for busy mums who deserve a little extra in their H2O. Especially good if your mum loves flavoured water, but isn't so keen on disposable bottles.

These bottles couldn't be simpler, just chop up your favourite fruits, pop them into the chamber, and you're away laughing. Or, you could just throw in some ice to keep your drink chilled, without getting chunks of ice in your mouth. Sure to be a hit during a hot Kiwi summer.

Help Mum keep her (wine) cool with a wine cooler.

6. Wine cooler

Another fantastic gift that's perfect for a hot Kiwi summer – a wine bottle cooler. If your mum loves herself a cheeky Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, she's sure to love this wine cooler too.

Simply pop this gadget in the freezer, and it'll keep mum's favourite drop cool for hours. This one will keep it chilled for up to six hours. Available in a range of colours and styles, you'll find one that's perfect for her!

If she prefers a more classic solution, an ice bucket could be a great option too.

If she's a coffee lover, your mum will love this Chemex.

7. Chemex

Does your mum love coffee? Of course she does. That's what makes this Chemex the perfect gift, especially for the busy mum.

Chemex are famous for their quality pour-over coffee makers. Simply pop your coffee into the filter, pour over some boiling water, and you've got some delicious fresh coffee. Best of all, the coffee grounds can be used to feed house plants – win-win!

Some coffee machines can be a nightmare to keep clear. Because of the Chemex's simple glass construction, keeping it clean is a breeze.

A silk sleep set is the perfect relaxing gift for any mum.

8. Silk pillowcase and eye mask sleep set

Treat Mum to a bit of luxury without breaking the bank. A silk sleep set is a great gift idea that will make her feel like she's on a luxurious spa retreat every night.

Silk can be easier on hair than traditional fabrics, like cotton and polyester. Silk is also less moisture absorbent, which can help the skin retain its own moisture. Not only that, silk is cool to the touch making for a much more comfortable sleep during hot summer nights.

Give mum the gift to help her wake up ready to take on whatever the day throws at her!

Succulents are easy to care for and bring a pop of colour to any room.

9. Succulents

Who doesn't love a good succulent? They're cute, versatile, easy to care for and won't break the bank.

Succulents are a great low-maintenance house plant that can bring a pop of colour to any room. Place them almost anywhere, in a cabinet, on a bookshelf, bathroom vanity, dresser – the world is her oyster!

Good luck wrapping it though, you may need some help with this one.

Get Mum a mug warmer to keep her beverage of choice at the perfect temperature.

10. USB mug warmer

We know mums are busy, and we know how easy it can be to let a good coffee go cold. If your mum works from home, she can keep her coffee nice and warm within reach, without resorting to the microwave. If she's an office gal, she'll be the envy of all her colleagues.

Cold coffee no more – this USB-powered mug warmer will keep that coffee at the perfect drinking temperature!

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