12 must-have gifts for plant lovers

From kokedamas to NZ made pots, here’s what will make the plant lovers in your life unbeleafably happy.

Last updated: 18 September 2023

1. Locally made kokedamas

Koke-what now? This ancient Japanese art form involves encasing the roots of any plant in a ball of mud and moss, producing a beautiful piece of living art that is sure to impress your green thumbed friends.

Available in many different varieties and price points, these stunning plants make a stunning addition to any indoor plant collection.

These locally made kokodamas are truly a piece of living art.

2. Plant stands

If there’s anything we know about plant fanatics, it’s that they’re incredibly proud of their collections - no matter how big or small.

So, if you’re looking for presents for a plant lover, a plant stand is a great way for them to display their plant babies and make sure they demand attention in any room. With a wide range of styles on site, you’ll be able to find a stand to suit any home decor aesthetic.

Plant stands turn any indoor plant into a statement.

3. Plant hangers

Some of the hottest plants in recent years have been of the trailing variety, which benefit from being up high so their foliage can cascade downwards.

To take these indoor plants to even greater heights, consider choosing an atmosphere creating plant hanger so your fellow plant lover can truly ‘hang out’ with their plant babies.

"Just hanging out with my plant babies!"

4. Pots and planters

Every good houseplant has to have an equally beautiful pot to go with it. We can say with confidence that a plant lover can never have too many planters tucked away for newcomers to their collection.

Depending on the style they like, you could go for something grand and ornamental, to something a little more subdued, that will sit quietly on the kitchen table and let the plant take centre stage.

The pots are just as important as the plant, right?

5. Propagation stations

5. Propagation stations

Collecting houseplants can easily become a very expensive hobby, but did you know that you can make money from it too?

A propagation station will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Propagated plant cuttings have seen massive attention on site in recent years, and if the plant lover in your life has rare or variegated varieties in their collection, this gift could help them make the big bucks.

Plant propagators are the gift that keeps on giving

6. Unique vases

Is the plant enthusiast in your life more of an outdoor green thumb? If they’ve spent their time creating a beautiful garden, a new or used vase could be just the ticket to encourage them to bring the outdoors inside.

With options of all shapes, sizes and materials, you won’t struggle to find the perfect vase on Trade Me.

Find handmade vases in every shape and size.

7. Plant misters and watering cans

The undeniable truth about indoor plants is that they require a lot of maintenance. Practical gifts like watering cans and plant misters are always going to be appreciated, especially if they’re this cute!

For something more unique, you could even take the hassle out of plant maintenance with a self watering globe which come designed in shapes ranging from birds to cats to flowers.

Who wouldn't want to water their plants with a leopard!

8. Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens are a great solution for green thumbs with minimal outdoor space. Got a friend living in a multi-storey apartment with no garden at all? Here’s your answer.

You can go as big or as small as you like, and the options for planting are endless - herbs, succulents and seasonal flowers are all stunning options.

Who said gardens couldn't go on the wall?

Who said gardens couldn't go on the wall?

9. Plant themed art

Does the plant lover in your life have a few too many actual plants? Stick to the theme but go for something low maintenance with artwork or prints.

Up the ante on the indoor jungle with these unique glass paintings, or go for a more traditional option with a nature-inspired piece of art from local print store Pop Motif onsite.

"I'll take my art in plant form too, please."

"I'll take my art in plant form too, please."

10. Novelty socks

Socks are a gift as old as time.

The plant lover in your life will love the opportunity to pull on these beauties in the morning before heading out to tend to the plant babies.

"Oh, I'm not obsessed with plants at all!"

11. Planting guides and handbooks

Just when you think you know everything you possibly could about plants, a leaf turns yellow or your favourite peace lily stops flowering.

With so many varieties of indoor plants to choose from and different levels of care required in the indoor plant world, you can’t go wrong gifting a handy guide to impart background history and useful tips.

The learning never stops when it comes to houseplants.

12. Actual indoor plants

Planters, books and socks aside, you can’t go wrong with gifting your plant loving friend an actual plant – and we’ve got thousands of indoor plants on site to choose from!

Entry-level plants such as peace lilies, golden pothos, snake plants and rubber plants are failsafe options - search for $1 reserve auctions to nab them at a great price!

For cult-favourites, search for monstera, fiddle leaf fig, string of turtles or philodendron - you can’t go wrong with these must-have classics.

If you’re wanting to make your gift a little extra special this year, consider splashing out on a rare, variegated variety. In Aotearoa New Zealand, variegated monsteras, variegated chain of hearts, variegated hoyas and variegated minima have all proven hugely popular in recent years, smashing online sales records

If you’re feeling generous, we say go for it!

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