Unique products to take your indoor planting to the next level

In a world where monsteras and peace lilies reign supreme, how can you take your indoor planting to new heights?

We've seen interest in house plants grow rapidly. Searches and sales on site continue to grow, so we just had to share our favourite and unique products that will help you take your planting obsession to the next level. 

Go hydroponic

Take the fuss out of growing plants from seed with a hydroponic indoor garden. These all-in-one systems make it easy to harvest your own herbs, microgreens, and salad leaves with just water, light and a bit of patience. Best of all, you can do it all from the kitchen bench!

Sprout your own superfood

Have you ever considered making your own sprouts? 

From mung beans and chickpeas to the infamous alfalfa variety, sprouts are highly nutritious and really easy to grow at home. All you need is a sprouting jar and your choice of seeds, and you’ll have a fresh and crunchy sandwich filler in just a few days.

Set and forget

Sad looking houseplants are no fun for anyone, but we’re all guilty of underwatering from time to time. So for those weeks when it’s a struggle to even keep yourself hydrated, turn to automatic plant waterers which do the work for you. 

We love these cute animal shaped ones which make great gifts for nature lovers.

Fancy dress, anyone?

We change our personal style all the time, but what about our plants? 

Give your plant babies a heap of personality with unique pots and planters. From French bulldogs and funky faces to on-trend colours and styles, there’s something to suit every plant onsite.

Take your plants to new heights – literally!

Is it a table? Is it a shelf? Nope, it’s a plant stand. 

What better way to make your plants the centerpiece of a room than raising them closer to eye level? Plant stands come in a variety of styles and colours to suit your home, and are an intriguing and dominant way of showing your friends your true dedication to houseplants.

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