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Looking for a smart way to maximise your space? A sofa bed is the ultimate two-in-one furniture piece.

Last updated: 20 May 2024

Looking for a smart way to maximise your space? A sofa bed is the ultimate two-in-one furniture piece — making sure you’ve got space for both Netflix marathons and the surprise "Kia ora, can I crash here?" from friends and family. So, let’s dive into the cosy world of sofa beds and find you one that’s more than just a makeshift mattress.

Types of sofa beds

Whether you're saving space or preparing for guests, here are all your best options:

1. Fold-out sofa beds

Fold-out sofa beds quickly turn into a bed by pulling the seat forward and flipping the back down flat. Although low to the ground, you get a full-size bed experience, making them ideal for casual guests.

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2. Pull-out sofa beds

Pull-out sofa beds are a game-changer for small spaces. Tucked away under those cushions lies a hidden frame and mattress, ready to roll out into a bed anytime you need it. Perfect for studio apartments, you can deck out your sofa bed with a super comfy mattress and voilà — it’s your new everyday bed.

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3. Futon sofa beds

Going for a minimalist vibe? Futons are the answer. They switch from a sitting to a sleeping position with a simple fold-down mechanism and are great for small spaces, casual living rooms, or the home office that sometimes doubles as a guest room.

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4. L-shaped (corner) sofa beds

L-shaped sofa beds are designed to fit in the corner of a room and give you lots of seating space. Especially handy for having friends over or when family stays the night.

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5. Sofa beds with storage

Function meets form here. With hidden compartments for stashing bedding or board games, these sofa beds are space-saving magicians, giving you a clutter-free living space and a comfy spot to snooze.

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6. Leather sofa beds

Nothing spells luxury like leather. Leather sofa beds bring a touch of class and durability, aging beautifully and offering easy clean-up. If you want to blend elegance with practicality, these give you a modern look and a comfortable sleep.

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7. Chaise sofa beds

For the ultimate in lounging luxury, chaise sofa beds extend from a chaise lounge into a bed. Read and relax by day, and have a comfy sleep space for guests by night. 

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Best sofa bed brands NZ

From the stylish and affordable to the premium and durable, here are the top sofa bed brands available:

1. Nood

Nood is a much-loved New Zealand furniture brand that launched in 2007. Their sofa beds give you clean, simple lines and no-fuss functionality. They're reasonably priced, too, so you can get that contemporary vibe without spending a fortune.

Browse our range of Nood sofa beds

2. Ecosa

Ecosa is an Australian company that specialises in eco-friendly mattresses. And now, they offer a range of sofa beds too. They come with memory foam mattresses and are built to resist stains — ideal for anyone with young kids or pets. 

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3. Freedom

Freedom sofa beds aren't just good-looking; they're also super comfy for both sitting and sleeping. They're a bit of a splurge, but the style and quality you get are top-tier.

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4. IKEA sofa beds

The King of flat packs, IKEA is the go-to for affordable furniture, and their sofa beds are no exception. They're great for saving space in and come in a bunch of designs to suit any room. 

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5. Danske Mobler sofa beds

For something sturdy and stylish, check out Danske Mobler. These higher-end sofa beds are made with quality materials and have a classic look that'll last years. They're an investment, sure, but will give you comfort and lasting style.

Browse all Danske Mobler sofa bed listings.

6. Harvey Norman sofa beds

Harvey Norman has a wide range of sofa beds that hit that sweet spot between comfort and convenience. Prices are middle of the road and with options from leather to fabric, you can always find something that fits your room's look. 

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Buying a new vs used sofa bed

Whether you go for a new or used sofa bed, think about what’s best for your home. If you need something ready to go with no fuss, a new sofa bed is probably your best bet. But if you're looking to save some cash and don’t mind the hunt, a used sofa bed could not only be a bargain but also add a unique touch to your room’s look. 

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Snug as a bug in a sofa bed

And there you have it! From saving space to hosting mates, you’ve got the lowdown on where to find the best sofa beds in NZ. Just make sure to consider the room size, your decor, and how often it’ll be used as a bed. Also, take a good look at the mattress quality — you want your guests to wake up bright-eyed, not with a sore back. 

Choose what fits your situation and get on Trade Me to see what’s out there. Happy hunting!

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