Best stick vacuums: NZ buying guide

In this buying guide, we'll talk you through why stick vacuums are so popular and the best options available.

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Tidying up your home can be a breeze or a chore — the difference often lies in the tools you wield. Enter the stick vacuum cleaner: a household hero that promises to make light work of dust bunnies and debris. In this buying guide, we'll talk you through why stick vacuums are so popular and the best options available to you. With our help, you’ll pick a winner that leaves your floors spotless and your spirits high. 

Why opt for a stick vacuum?

Choosing a stick vacuum gives you ease of use, flexibility, and a quick, targeted cleaning session. They're a fantastic middle ground, offering more control and precision than a robot vacuum, with the convenience and manoeuvrability that traditional vacuums often lack. Whether you're dealing with daily messes, pet hair, or just need a lightweight option for your multi-level home, a stick vacuum is the perfect tool. 

Types of stick vacuum cleaners

Stick vacuums come in various shapes and sizes, each boasting features that cater to different cleaning needs. Let's uncover the right type for your home:

1. Cordless stick vacuums

These champions of convenience allow you to roam freely without the tether of a cord. They're ideal for quick clean-ups and homes where plug sockets are as scarce as hen's teeth.

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2. Corded stick vacuums

For those who prefer uninterrupted power and don't mind a little tethering, the corded stick vacuum is your steadfast ally against grime.

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3. Convertible stick vacuums

These transformers shift from stick to handheld, making them the Swiss Army knives of the vacuum world — perfect for those who appreciate versatility.

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Best stick vacuum brands in NZ

What's most important to you — durability, advanced technology, affordability, or specialised features like pet hair removal? With all these great brands, let’s find the perfect fit for your home: 


The trailblazers of suction, Dyson's stick vacuums are synonymous with power and innovation, designed for those who won't settle for anything but the best.

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With ergonomic designs and robust batteries, LG stick vacuums are for the efficient cleaner who values both form and function.

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A go-to for the DIY enthusiast, Ryobi's stick vacuums offer practicality and are a solid choice for tidying up after a spot of handiwork.

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For the perfectionist, Miele's stick vacuums bring German precision to your floors, giving you a deep clean with every sweep.

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Samsung's sleek vacuums come with connectivity features, suitable for the tech-savvy homeowner who enjoys a smart living environment.

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Electrolux vacuums balance power with eco-friendliness, perfect for the eco-conscious who still demand excellent performance.

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Shark's vacuums are known for their ability to tackle pet hair and more, making them the best mates for pet owners.

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Bosch vacuums are reliable, durable, and designed to handle the rigours of everyday cleanups with ease.

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A household name, Hoover's stick vacuums are for those who trust in a long legacy of cleaning excellence.

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Ideal for those who appreciate industrial strength and durability, Makita's stick vacuums don't mess around when it comes to getting the job done.

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Must-have stick vacuum accessories

Here are the best accessories that promise to transform your tidy-up time that much more effectively.


To keep your stick vacuum both charged and conveniently stored, a stand that doubles as a charging station is an excellent accessory. Just make sure the stand is compatible with your model of stick vacuum. Check the specifications or contact the manufacturer if you're uncertain. 

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If you're looking for general cleaning, a standard filter should be fine. However, for homes where air quality is a concern, especially for allergy sufferers, investing in a vacuum with a HEPA filter is highly recommended for its superior ability to trap and contain finer particles. 

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Power heads and brush heads

Maximise your vacuum's potential with the right head for every surface. Motorised power heads deep-clean carpets by agitating dirt free, while soft-bristle brush heads protect and polish hard floors. Swapping heads is a snap, transforming your vacuum into a versatile cleaning dynamo that's as effective on a plush rug as it is on delicate hardwood or upholstery.

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Cleaning and maintenance

Keeping your stick vacuum in tip-top shape will make sure it’s always ready for action. Always make sure to regularly empty the dustbin and clean the filters.

New vs. used stick vacuums

While nothing beats the allure of a brand-new vacuum, a used one can offer significant savings. Just be sure to check for wear and tear, battery life, and make sure it's from a smoke-free home to keep your indoor air quality pristine.

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It’s going to be a dust free 2024

Ready to banish dirt and dust from your home? Whether you're dealing with pet hair, looking to maintain your hardwood floors in gleaming condition, or simply seeking the convenience of a quick and easy clean-up, the perfect stick vacuum is waiting for you. Head to Trade Me Marketplace, where you can compare brands, models and find the stick vacuum that'll have you whistling while you work.

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